Master Adobe Illustrator with over 30 hours of training [Deals]


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Master the industry-standard vector graphics program with 34.5 hours of training on Adobe Illustrator CC.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for vector graphics. So if you’re doing work in the visual realm, it’s a platform worth mastering. With this progressive set of Illustrator courses, you can do just that.

The 2020 Adobe Illustrator CC Master Class Bundle includes six courses. The first covers the basics of vectors — how to scale, align and adjust — the basics of typography and lots more. From there, a course in web design shows the power of Illustrator for building websites. A two-part master class covers more sophisticated tools and techniques, and how to integrate with other Adobe apps. The final two courses cover various real-world design scenarios as well as advanced techniques.

These courses cover the gamut, so no matter where you are with Illustrator, you’ll have something to learn.

Buy now: Get the 2020 Adobe Illustrator CC Master Class Bundle for $39.99. That’s a full 85% off the usual price.