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Stop ignoring the power of AI and learn to use ChatGPT


Stop ignoring the power of AI and learn to use ChatGPT with this $20 course.
Learn the full potential of ChatGPT with this $20 course.
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Artificial intelligence is coming on strong and creating quite a buzz in the tech world. Stop missing out on cutting-edge tech, and start using AI to make your life easier. The Introduction to ChatGPT certification course teaches you how AI can streamline your personal and professional projects.

Typically, lifetime access to this course costs $80. But now you can get it for the best price online, just $19.99.

These IT study guides will prep you for CompTIA, Azure, AWS and more for less than $24


A photo of people using CompTIA study guides to get ready for IT certification exams.
Study guides for CompTIA, Salesforce and more are now an additional 20% off.
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If you want a successful career in IT, you need the proper certifications. This limited-time deal on CompTIA study guides will help you rack up those crucial IT certifications and broaden your horizons. Through April 7, you can get a lifetime subscription to The CompTIA and IT Exam Study Guides Training for an extra 20% off with code SECURE20.

That drops the price to just $23.99 (regularly $259). You’ll gain a lifetime of lessons on CompTIA and IT topics including Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure and much more.

Train for your future IT career with this 169-hour bundle


A computer screen with code on it to illustrate a sale for the Ultimate Cybersecurity & IT Career Certification Pathway Training Bundle.
This is the perfect time of year to consider a new career.
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Looking to go into a field that offers lots of job security? Check out The Ultimate Cybersecurity & IT Career Certification Pathway Training Bundle. These courses will prep you for a lucrative IT job. And for a limited time, the entire training bundle costs less than $28.

With this affordable course, you can get a head start on a bulletproof career path.

Punch up your pix with this powerful Mac photo editor


Get AI-powered photo editing with Luminar Neo plus a library of add-ons for under $150.
Get an AI-powered photo editor, filters and more for just $159.99.
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Getting just the right shot is exciting, but any professional photographer will tell you that post-production work separates decent vacation snapshots from magazine-worthy images. That requires powerful photo editing software. And photo apps don’t come much more highly recommended than Luminar Neo, which lets you utilize AI to make your images look amazing.

Now there’s a great opportunity for new users to get this versatile software (for Mac or PC), along with hundreds of dollars worth of add-ons and training. You can get the Award-Winning Luminar Neo Lifetime Bundle for just $159.99 with code GET20. That’s a tremendous discount off the retail price of $752.)

Master ChatGPT and Google Gemini with these intro to AI courses


Learn to use AI more effectively with this $30 ChatGPT and Gemini e-degree educational bundle.
Harness the power of AI with knowledge from this $30 ChatGPT and Gemini course bundle.
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ChatGPT and Google Gemini are quickly becoming popular tools for tasks ranging from research to brainstorming. If you’re looking for an intro to these ever-evolving AI tools, you can catch up with the latest developments with this comprehensive artificial intelligence certification course bundle.

The 2024 Complete ChatGPT and Gemini AI Advanced E-Degree courses from Eduonix show you how AI works and the state of this rapidly changing tech. For a limited time, you can gain lifetime access to these courses for just $29.99.

This ChatGPT training bundle reveals how to use AI the right way


Save over $100 on a training bundle and learn to use ChatGPT the right way.
Get over $100 off this ChatGPT business training bundle.
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ChatGPT can boost your business in many ways — but only if you know how to properly use the buzz-worthy tool. The ChatGPT for Business Mastery Bundle brings together seven ChatGPT courses designed to turbocharge your AI skills.

This unique collection will help you get the most from OpenAI’s generative AI. And fast-acting Cult of Mac readers can grab this comprehensive training bundle for only $29.99 (regularly $133). It’s an inexpensive and easy way to instantly boost your business with ChatGPT.

Master digital marketing and SEO for less than $40


Get access to expert SEO and digital marketing courses for less than $40.
Stay on top of the latest SEO and marketing trends with Education Cloud Plus.
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If you want to succeed at digital marketing, you need to master social media, search engine optimization and stay on top of other technical aspects of modern communication. You can spend tons of money on that type of training, or tons of hours trying to learn online. But Education Cloud Plus, a bundle of marketing courses from Squirrly, can show you the ropes and keep you current for one low price.

For a limited time, you can get more than 40 courses on SEO and digital marketing for less than $40 (regularly $399). It’s a fast, easy and affordable way to learn the skills and tricks that professional marketers utilize to succeed.

Prep for a lucrative IT job with this Microsoft certification bundle


Study for your Microsoft Tech Certification with this $70 bundle.
Get the knowledge you need to rack up IT certifications with this $70 super-bundle.
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The Complete 2024 Microsoft Tech Certification Training Super Bundle takes you on a deep dive into the skills and subjects you need to land a job in the IT industry. While finishing this educational bundle alone won’t get you certified, it will set you up for success. Finish the courses, then ace the critical exams to earn the certifications you need.

For one low price, you get unlimited access to 11 courses with 246 hours of material, covering everything from desktop management to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Teams. And for a limited time, it costs just $69.97.

Learn to create killer AI art with this $30 course bundle


Learn how to rule AI-powered art bots with this $30 e-learning bundle.
Rule AI-powered art bots with this $30 e-learning bundle.
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Artificial intelligence tools are making their rounds in the creative world, and next up is AI-powered image generation. Just in time for you to cash in on the craze, this $29.99 e-learning bundle can help you tame these robots and get them to work for you. With a small investment of time and money, you’ll be creating AI art that turns heads.

While these (mostly free) bots typically only need a text prompt to generate content, many nuances affect how well they work at outputting images that meet your requests. So, this course bundle is the right place to start. Well, only if you want to save time and turn your Mac into a complete productivity powerhouse.

Cement your ChatGPT and AI knowledge with this $30 course bundle


Understand ChatGPT and its potential with this e-learning bundle, now just $30.
Learn all about artificial intelligence with these affordable courses.
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ChatGPT and AI automation tools are taking over the workplace, allowing businesses and individuals to boost their productivity and streamline their workflows. If you want to market yourself as an expert in these areas, you need training in AI and ChatGPT. And that’s exactly what you get with the ChatGPT & Automation E-Degree.

For less than $30 and a little bit of study, you can get up to speed on the hottest tech of the moment.

Become a cybersecurity expert with this $33 bundle


Learn a new skill in 2024 with this $33 cyber security training bundle.
Gain ethical hacking knowledge with more than 130 hours of content in this certification bundle.
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Cybersecurity is a field with undeniable demand. The reason is obvious: Most businesses and companies rely heavily on digital means to conduct daily operations, facilitate communication and much more. To acquire the expertise needed to work in the cybersecurity field, consider an affordable start with some well-sourced e-learning.

You can gain critical skills with this comprehensive cybersecurity and ethical hacking training bundle. The courses in this bundle will help you prepare for certifications. And the whole thing is on sale now for only $32.97 (regularly $130).

Get Windows 11 Pro (and learn to use it) for less than $40


Upgrade your OS to Windows 11 Pro and learn to maximize it with training, now $40.
Enjoy an OS upgrade to Windows 11 Pro and gain basic lessons on using it for only $40.
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Whether you run it on your gaming rig or a Mac partition, Windows 11 Pro is a useful upgrade for work and play. This bundle that combines Microsoft Windows 11 Pro and an essential Windows 11 Pro course gives you the operating system for life, plus tools to get the most from it — all at a price you can only get until January 28.

Snag the Microsoft Windows 11 Pro + The Essential Windows 11 Pro Course bundle for just $39.97 (regularly $298).

Learn Python with this low-cost programmer bundle


Learn Python basics and advanced skills for $40.
Become a Python master with this bundle, which includes more than 400 different lessons.
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Python is the most popular coding language in the world. It has endless applications, and once you learn it, you can start applying it to many different fields and hobbies.

Ready to get started learning Python? For a limited time, you can get The Complete 2023 Python Programmer Bundle on sale for just $32.97 (regularly $360).

Price cut: Master ChatGPT with this $25 course


This ChatGPT course bundle is only $29.99 (reg. $52).
Learn all about ChatGPT with this bundle.
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Even if you haven’t used ChatGPT yet, you will soon find out why OpenAI’s artificial intelligence tool continues to make waves around the world. The AI chatbot can perform various tasks, including writing (everything from news posts to poetry), coding iOS apps from scratch and more.

However, without a little guidance, it can prove overwhelming trying to make the most of this wildly capable tool. Want in on the AI action? The Complete ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence OpenAI Training Bundle offers a range of courses on ChatGPT, and it’s on sale for just $24.97 (regularly $52).

Learn the cybersecurity skills you need to succeed with these ethical hacking courses


Save $100 on this ethical hacking bundle to strengthen cybersecurity knowledge.
Boost your cybersecurity career with this ethical hacking bundle, which costs less than $30.
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With the cybersecurity sector constantly evolving and expanding, a robust job market sprang up around it. And this ethical hacking course bundle can teach you the skills you need to claim your spot in this increasingly lucrative IT sector.

Gain a greater understanding of the techniques and trends that are changing cybersecurity efforts with discounted lifetime access to The 2023 Complete Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle. Normally sold for $130, this comprehensive 10-course package costs only $29.97 through January 1 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

Become an IT security pro in 2024 with this $29.97 training bundle


Boost your resume with this cybersecurity training bundle for only $29.97.
New Year, new kills: Gain CISSP certification training with this $30 cybersecurity bundle.
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Certification is one of the first things that management (and the ATS software they use) looks for when it comes to IT and cybersecurity workers. That’s why CISSP certification is highly sought after.

Now there’s a way to boost your chances at acing those all-important exams — the highly discounted CISSP Security and Risk Management Training Bundle. Ahead of the New Year, you can level up your IT knowledge with this comprehensive bundle for only $29.97 (regularly $424).

Get a lifetime of AI, ChatGPT and Python courses for less than $30


Take advantage of holiday savings for this $30 bundle focused on AI, ChatGPT and Python advancement.
A smart gift idea: Pick up this AI, ChatGPT and Python course pack for only $29.97.
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The technology sector is loaded with lucrative job possibilities, and you can get career-boosting assistance in the form of a comprehensive educational package built around artificial intelligence and coding.

Through December 25, pick up The 2023 Ultimate AI, ChatGPT and Python Programming Bundle for only $29.97 (regularly $154). Use it to advance your career in 2024 — or as a last-minute present that can benefit your giftee for years to come.

Learn to code from the ground up with this $10 boot camp bundle


Learn the basics of Python for under $10.
Learn the basics of Python, a versatile programming language that's relatively simple to master.
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Learning to code can be intimidating, especially if you’re working on your first programming language. Python — a language that’s versatile yet remarkably straightforward — is an accessible place to start. And once you learn Python, there’s a ton you can do with it.

Getting started is easy. Just enroll in the 2023 Complete Python Certification Boot Camp Bundle to gain unlimited access to 130 hours of instruction. This great intro to coding costs only $9.97 through September 30.

Hop on the AI train with this program for beginners


Build a strong foundation in ML and AI with this program for beginners, now just $30.
Interested in a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning? This $30 program can help you build a strong foundation.
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Just like artificial intelligence, which exploded into the mainstream recently, machine learning is the future. While most of us have heard about AI and how it’s changing how everything works with programs like ChatGTP, machine learning might not be as well-known.

Machine learning is a specific branch of AI that focuses on using data and algorithms to imitate how humans learn, with a gradual improvement in accuracy. According to an article on LinkedIn, both are rapidly growing fields. This Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners program can give you a solid foundation if you’re considering a career in either area. It’s now only $29.99 (regularly $300).

Ends tonight: Learn 24 languages and much more with this $160 Rosetta Stone bundle


Get 24 languages for life with Rosetta Stone, plus unlimited courses, for just $160 today.
Learn languages and new skills forever with more than $500 off this Rosetta Stone and unlimited course bundle.
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The best gift you can give yourself is to always be learning. As John F. Kennedy said, “ Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” And as Einstein proved, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

Make an investment in yourself and give yourself unlimited learning for life with The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle featuring Rosetta Stone. Usually $749, not only is it on sale right now, but you can use the coupon ROSETTA at checkout for a further $30 off through August 13 — driving the price all the way down to $159.97.

Less than $160 to be set with learning languages and valuable skills for life? That sounds like the best investment you’ll make, perhaps, ever.

Quickly learn to code your own AI chatbot for less than $30


Take advantage of this Back-to-School Sale and study AI programming for under $30.
Study AI programming in this unique coding course that's heavily discounted in our Back-to-School Sale.
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There’s a lot more to AI than telling ChatGPT to write a paragraph or tell a joke. With a little coding experience, you can program your own AI chatbot. Even if you’re a beginner programmer, you can start your education independently with the 2023 Ultimate AI ChatGPT and Python Programming Bundle.

This course pack gives you 86 hours of expert instruction, culminating in a tutorial to help you craft a chatbot. And it’s on sale for only $29.97 until August 13 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

Master Microsoft Excel the easy way with this training bundle


Master all Excel has to offer with this training bundle.
Make Excel your best work buddy with this $29 training bundle.
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Whether you’re on Mac or Windows, you probably find yourself using Excel every day at work. The 2023 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle teaches you how to make Excel your productivity powerhouse.

Note: If you don’t yet own Excel, you can get it (and the rest of Microsoft Office for Mac) for just $29.97 for a limited time.

Get Microsoft Office for Mac (and learn how to use the software) for just $29.97


Become an Office expert with this Microsoft sale during our version of Prime Day.
Get MS Office 2021 plus 28 hours of expert training for $29.97.
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If you don’t own Microsoft Office for Mac, this is your best chance to get it at a great price. Plus, you’ll also get thousands of dollars’ worth of online courses that will help you make the most of the world’s most popular software suite.

During Deal Days — our answer to Prime Day — you can get the Premium Microsoft Office Training Bundle plus a lifetime license to Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac 2021 for just $29.97 through July 14. That’s an astonishing deal that will save you thousands!