Learn how to code apps for iOS 15 with this $24.99 software development bundle


iOS coding
Take advantage of iOS 15 and learn to develop your own apps

iOS 15 is a big deal — and it’s coming soon, with lots of exciting new features. From FaceTime movie sharing to a new Focus feature that allows you to concentrate without distraction, iOS 15 will make our lives simpler.

But the arrival of iOS 15 isn’t just good news for Apple users: It’s also a great opportunity for app developers. The pandemic boom that started in 2020 looks unlikely to go bust anytime soon.

Launch a successful business using Amazon Dropship with this master class


These courses will help you launch your Amazon side hustle.
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Jeff Bezos may be the richest person in the world at nearly $190 billion, but there’s still plenty of money to be made using his ubiquitous web marketplace, Amazon.

But like anything else on the internet, it’s not enough to post your items and patiently wait for customers. There are tried-and-true methods that will connect your product with desired customers. If you’re ready to take your Amazon business to the next level, the 2021 Complete Amazon Dropshipping & Private Label Master Class Bundle is the best way to go from just another Amazon seller to an Amazonian millionaire.

Whether you’re computer-savvy and stay up to date on the latest software or not, this is a bundle that every Amazon seller needs in their cart. Available now at 98% off for just $34.99, this bundle will change the way you handle and thrive in your online business.

Learn to create iOS and Android apps for just $20


This programming bundle is the perfect tool for your next career move.
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Whether you’re looking to boost your programming skills or switch careers, smartphone app development is a growth market that will only see higher demand as time goes on. Right now, you can take advantage of our red-hot Memorial Day sale on The Complete Mobile & App Development Bundle. We dropped its already discounted price of $44.99 even further to just $20.

This massive computer science bundle costs only $20 for a limited time


computer science
Enter new worlds of opportunity and amazement with these computer and math courses.
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Coding is easier than ever before, with countless courses on how to learn computer languages popping up nearly every day. Whether you’re a new and aspiring programmer, or just need to brush up in some areas, you won’t want to miss this limited-time deal on a massive computer science certification bundle. The courses in this bundle will help you build your IT and data science skills quickly and easily.

For a limited time, you can snag The 2021 Complete Computer Science Certification Bundle for just $20, a major discount from its total value of $1,800. (After our Memorial Day sale ends, you can still get this collection of courses for $39.99.)

Develop your photography skills in this elite Hollywood master class


These courses reveal the secrets of two of Hollywood's most sought-after photographers.
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There is a talented individual behind the lens of every iconic movie poster and stunning magazine portrait. And surprisingly often, one of those individuals is either Michael Muller or Patrick Hoelck.

These longtime friends and photography colleagues are responsible for some of the most striking and globally recognized images, from Wolverine film posters to Rihanna album covers. Now, Muller and Hoelck are sharing the secrets of Hollywood-level professional photography in a 20-hour master class that’s now available for $99.

Name your price for this comprehensive Adobe Creative Cloud training


Learn everything about Adobe Creative Cloud -- and pay only what you want!
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Whether you already have an established career as a designer or want to start dabbling as one to flex your skills as a creative, most employers agree: Being proficient in Adobe is a base requirement. Specifically, knowing how to leverage Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is a must, whether you’re developing graphics for a website, building out a logo for a business or custom-printing your own work to sell.

Start a photography side hustle with this affordable course bundle


Now is the perfect time to start making money with photography.
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In recent years, millions of Americans have been perfecting “the art of the side hustle,” or an additional job that usually allows one to accumulate cash through a specialized skill. Side hustles may even be more common than you think. According to a 2019 Bankrate survey, 43% of full-time employees say they have a job outside of their primary work.

Whether it’s motivated by money or creativity, everyone has an opportunity to excel at their own side hustle. And if you’ve got an eye behind the camera, then photography is an easy choice as a fun and lucrative gig.

Learn to hack, and use your new skills for good, with this low-priced bundle


This inexpensive bundle is perfect for any aspiring tech professional.
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It’s no secret that the IT/software sector offers some of the highest-paying jobs around — and there aren’t enough qualified people to fill them. But within this sector, there’s a ton of variability. So it’s a good idea to specialize and gain expertise in a particular field.

For certified ethical hackers, the payoff can be huge. As long as you have the proper training and credentials, you can make an average of $83,000 per year — with the potential to make nearly $150,000.

Edit photos like never before with Luminar, the world’s first AI-powered editor


Award-winning photo software Luminar 4 will take your shots to the next level.
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These days, you don’t need to be a professional photographer with a with a DSLR to snap high-quality photos. If only the same could be said for photo editing. Tweaking colors, shadows and light can be an intimidating and overwhelming endeavor for the casual photographer who wants the best photos.

Perhaps that’s why Luminar 4 is so popular. This award-winning software is the world’s first AI-powered photo editor. Available now at an 85% discount, Luminar 4 comes bundled along with photography lectures and editing add-ons for just $39.99.