Apple prepping separate 4G and 5G iPhone models for next year


Possible iPhone 2020 mockup
5G iPhone buyers will apparently have plenty to choose from in 2020, and the same goes for those content with 4G.
Photo: @smazizg and @bengeskin/Twitter

Apple could release a half-dozen iPhone models next year. An industry analyst laid out new predictions for the 2020 iPhone lineup, saying some models will bring the latest 5G cellular technology. Other models will stick with slower 4G networking.

Apparently, people not interested in 5G won’t need to pay extra for it. And some top-tier models supposedly will include rear-facing 3D scanners for augmented reality.

Rosenblatt Securities’ analyst Jun Zhang based his predictions on information coming from unnamed sources. These people supposedly told him all of these iPhone models are in development, but Zhang admits he doesn‘t have a “clear idea as to which model and version will launch.”

iPhone SE 2

First off the mark will allegedly be the budget model most often called the “iPhone SE 2,” though that might not be the real name. It will pack a 5.1-inch LCD and a single rear camera. The model will probably use Touch ID and an Apple A13 processor, according to the Rosenblatt analyst. It will be 4G only.

The iPhone SE 2 is expected as early as March.

iPhone 12

Zhang sees Apple making an updated version of the 6.1-inch iPhone 11, called (logically enough) the “iPhone 12.” It will still have an LCD screen instead of more-expensive OLED. This will also be 4G only, with no 5G option.

iPhone 12 Pro 5G and 4G

The iPhone 12 Pro will have a 5.4-inch OLED screen and dual rear cameras, according to Rosenblatt Securities. That’s surprising, as the iPhone 11 Pro has a 5.8-inch display and triple cameras.

It’s expected in both 4G and 5G variants. It’s likely the version with faster cellular networking will cost more. A 4G version will debut next autumn, but the 5G variant apparently won’t arrive until spring of 2021. Apple is waiting to “target the middle-end 5G market,” said Zhang.

iPhone 12 Pro Plus 5G and 4G

A 6.1-inch OLED model will have three camera lenses, and be dubbed the “iPhone 12 Pro Plus,” according to Zhang.

It also will add a time-of-flight 3D scanner built in. (Other analysts have said roughly the same). A ToF sensor should make augmented reality a much better experience.

iPhone 12 Pro Plus will allegedly come in 4G and 5G variants, and debut fall of 2020.

iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G

A model called the “iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G” also appears in the Rosenblatt Securities’ note to investors, but it appears to have much the same feature set as the iPhone 12 Pro Plus 5G. How it will differ is not yet clear.

Not everyone sees Apple creating quite such a plethora of models. Rival analyst Ming-chi Kuo predicts Apple will  make four 5G iPhones next year, with the iPhone SE 2 the sole 4G-only option. And the 5G models will cost essentially the same as this year’s versions.

Source: AppleInsider