Apple’s custom 5G modem might make 2023 iPhone faster than ever


An Apple 5G modem might look like this
An Apple 5G modem is allegedly in development, and could be in iPhones in a few years.
Artists concept: Cult of Mac

Apple’s move away from Qualcomm modems could begin in 2023. Analysts predict that all the iPhone models released in that year will use 5G modems Apple designed itself.

This is another example of Apple developing critical components for its products in-house rather than depending on an outside company.

iPhone 13 could boast the bigger battery you desperately desire


iPhone 13 might sport a 120Hz display.
A faster refresh rate might be a highlight of 2021’s iPhone 13.
Concept: ConceptsiPhone

As the saying goes, you can never be too rich or have too long a battery life. Apple apparently listened, because a respected analyst says there will be room in all the 2021 iPhone 13 models for larger batteries.

These iOS handsets supposedly will all come with smaller notches, better 5G modems and fancier cameras, too.

iPhone SE might get 5G boost in 2022


The budget 2020 iPhone SE comes in a range of colors.
The 2020 iPhone SE is Apple’s most affordable new model, but it’s getting a high-end feature in 2022.
Photo: Apple

Apple won’t update the iPhone SE in 2021, according to a trusted analyst. But there is a new version coming the year after. And this will be the first in this line of budget iOS handsets with 5G cellular networking.

No throttling here: T-Mobile promises truly unlimited 5G phone plan


T-Mobile Magenta Max is all the 5G you can eat.
T-Mobile commits to no-fooling unlimited 4G and 5G wireless data with Magenta Max.
Graphic: Cult of Mac

T-Mobile’s new 5G plan isn’t limited by data caps or throttling. Its Magenta Max offers unlimited 4G and 5G data to smartphone users. And it includes high-definition video streaming and Netflix on Us.

The plan seeks to stand out from rivals that promise unlimited data but slow down data transfers under certain conditions.

Apple’s already recruiting engineers to lay the groundwork for 6G iPhones


And you thought 5G was impressive!
Photo: Qualcomm

The iPhone 12 was Apple’s first 5G iPhone, ushering in the start of a new era of high-speed connectivity. But Apple’s already gearing up for 6G technology, even if it knows that it’s many, many years away.

As noted in a new report from Bloomberg, Apple has started posting jobs ads for wireless system research engineers who could help Apple develop and prepare for the next, next generation of cellular connectivity.

These roles are based in Silicon Valley and San Diego. Early suggestions regarding 6G speculate that it could be 100x faster than 5G.

iPhone 12 Pro puts premium in your pocket [Review]


Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro on wooden table
The iPhone 12 Pro looks like a piece of jewelry, and offers a ton of powerful features, too,
Photo: Ian Fucs/Cult of Mac

Back in September 2012, Apple released what was arguably the best iPhone, the iPhone 5. It looked beautiful, felt great in hand, and signaled the shift from 3G to LTE.

Now, eight years later, Apple is revisiting that playbook with the iPhone 12 lineup. And after about a week of using the iPhone 12 Pro, and putting it to the test on my family’s vacation to Disney World, I think I can safely say this is both my new favorite iPhone, and possibly the new best iPhone of all time.

iPhone 12 Pro review

First iPads with mini-LED displays will be a feast for the eyes


2020 iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
The first mini-LED iPad should look amazing.
Photo: Apple

Evidence continues to grow that 2021 will bring an iPad with mini-LED, a type of display that will make the tablet look noticeably better than Apple’s current models.

An unconfirmed report says LG Display will supply this cutting-edge screen to Apple, with production supposedly begining before the end of 2020. Earlier leaks indicated this will go into an iPad Pro that’ll debut in the first half of 2021.