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iPhone 14 Pro provides up to 38% faster 5G speeds


The iPhone 14 Pro is in the wild on launch day. Just be sure you update to iOS 16.01 before activating with your cellular carrier to avoid problems.
You will get faster 5G data speeds on the iPhone 14 Pro.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Apple is using a faster and more power-efficient Snapdragon X65 modem on the iPhone 14 Pro series. This allows the new iPhones to pull faster download speeds on 5G networks.

The new modem also reduces the latency time. Combined, these improvements will provide a better network connectivity experience on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple efforts to make iPhone 5G modems are bombing


An Apple 5G modem might look like this
We apparently won't see an Apple 5G modem for years to come.
Artists concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple is reportedly unable to produce the 5G modem for the 2023 iPhone, as it had hoped. It will instead have the buy the critical component from Qualcomm, a company that Cupertino has quarreled with in the past.

Cupertino already sank more than a billion dollars into this so-far-unsuccessful effort.

T-Mobile beats the competition in 5G speeds


T-Mobile 5G service
Put your iPhone on T-Mobile for the fastest average speeds,
Photo: T-Mobile

T-Mobile is the clear winner in a cross-country study of cellular data by PCMag. For the second year in a row, rivals Verizon and AT&T can not come close to providing the same average download or upload speeds.

PCMag summed its results up with, “T-Mobile isn’t just America’s fastest network, it’s also the best.”

Unimpressed with 5G? Wait until iPhone 14.


Unimpressed with 5G? Wait until iPhone 14.
The 2022 iPhone 14 will offer the best 5G service yet thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 modem.
Photo: Qualcomm

When iPhone 14 launches this autumn, it’s expected to offer better 5G performance than its predecessors. The iPhone 13 already offers speedy connections, but a new modem in the 2022 version will bring advantages to the next iOS handset.

Chief among these is better connections in areas with weak 5G signal.

iPhone SE 3 review roundup: Ample power combined with aging features


iPhone SE
iPhone SE 3 is exactly what you would expect from a new iPhone SE.
Photo: Apple

With less than a week to go until Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE makes its official debut, the first reviews are out. They have plenty of great things to say about Cupertino’s most affordable handset — and more than a few complaints.

While everyone is praising the handset’s super-speedy A15 Bionic, welcome 5G connectivity, and even its single 12-megapixel camera, most reviewers agree that its “tired design” is in dire need of a refresh.

New iPhone SE brings serious upgrades at slightly higher price


The new iPhone SE is available is available in the same colors as before, but it's much-improved on the inside.
The new iPhone SE is available is available in the same colors as before, but it's much-improved on the inside.
Photo: Apple

As widely predicted, Apple launched its third-generation iPhone SE during its “Peek Performance” event Tuesday. The new entry-level handset features 5G connectivity, a speedy A15 Bionic chipset, improved battery life, greater durability and up to 256GB of storage, Apple said.

And it will cost $429, a not-too-painful bump over the previous model’s $399 price tag.

M1 iPad Air could feature 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM as standard


iPad Air 4
And it could land later today!
Photo: Apple

Recent rumors indicate Apple’s fifth-generation iPad Air — which could be unveiled today during the company’s Peek Performance event — will match iPad Pro in performance. And they weren’t kidding, according to the latest leak.

In addition to a speedy M1 processor, the new midrange slate is expected to feature 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM as standard. That’s twice as much room for apps, games, music and movies than the most recent model offers.

iPhone SE 3 to pack 5G, A15 chip, up to 256GB storage


Yes, it will look just like the last iPhone SE.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE will pack 5G connectivity, a super-speedy A15 chipset and up to 256GB of storage, according to last-minute predictions from an analyst who proved reliable in the past.

Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities also provided details on the handset’s predicted design and color options in a rare Twitter post.

How to save battery life when using 5G on iPhone


save battery life when using 5G on iPhone 12
Are you using the right data mode?
Photo: Apple

If you’re using one of Apple’s newest iPhone models, you should be enjoying spectacular battery life — the best you can get from a modern smartphone. But if you’re not, the likely culprit is its super-speedy 5G connectivity.

5G consumes significantly more power than 4G, but there are some things you can do to minimize its impact on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. We’ll show you how.

New 5G chip could mean even better battery life for iPhone 14


Apple 5G chip
TSMC beats out Samsung for Apple's orders.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple’s most recent iPhone models offer better battery life than any of their rivals — and it could be about to get even better. Cupertino is reportedly preparing a new 5G chip that is even more efficient for iPhone 14.

Supply chain sources say the chip will be manufactured exclusively by TSMC using its latest 6-nanometer process, with Samsung losing out on orders.