Verizon or T-Mobile might be best option for your 5G iPhone


T-Mobile 5G service
T-Mobile offers 5G in more areas than any of its rivals. But Verizon is faster.
Photo: T-Mobile

It’s not too soon to pick out the best 5G network for your 5G iPhone. And right now, there are two top contenders, according to testing dozen by an analytics firm. Verizon offers the fastest download speeds by a wide margin. And T-Mobile offers 5G in a much broader area.

But AT&T is in there swinging too.

2021 iPad Pro will have 5G, A14X processor and mini-LED display, leakers claim


2018 iPad Pro
The next iPad Pro could be a big update for Apple!
Photo: Apple

Apple’s next iPad Pro could be one of the most exciting iPad refreshes in ages — with 5G cellular, an A14X processor and a mini-LED display, according to increasingly reliable Apple tipsters L0vetodream and @choco-bit. (Yes, despite the odd Twitter handles, both have impressive reputations when it comes to sharing details of next-gen Apple products.)

AT&T refuses to remove misleading ‘5GE’ notification from iPhones


No matter what your AT&T iPhone says, everyone else says “5G E” is 4G.
5G Evolution isn’t 5G, but the 5GE icon isn’t going away.
Photo: Cult of Mac/@Siddavarapu

After an arbitration panel on Wednesday called AT&T’s use of the phrase “5G Evolution” in its advertising misleading, the company agreed to stop using it. However, iPhone and Android devices connected to this telecom’s upgraded 4G LTE network will reportedly continue to display a “5GE” icon.

Misleading ‘5GE’ notification will soon disappear from AT&T iPhones [UPDATED]


No matter what your AT&T iPhone says, everyone else says “5G E” is 4G.
AT&T agrees to stop telling customers it’s offering 5G Evolution, a type of connection rival telecoms all call 4G.
Photo: Cult of Mac/@Siddavarapu

AT&T will stop using the term 5G Evolution to describe an enhanced type of 4G. Rival T-Mobile convinced an arbitration panel on Wednesday that the description is misleading.

This apparently means iOS and Android handsets will stop informing customers that they’re connected to a 5G E network.

Update: AT&T will stop including 5G Evolution in its advertising, but will continue to put the 5GE icon on iPhones and Androids connected to its improved 4G LTE network.

Xfinity Mobile adds free 5G to phone plans


Xfinity Mobile 5G is here
When the 5G iPhone arrives, you can connect it to Xfinity Mobile for no extra cost.
Photo: Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile subscribers can now add 5G service to their wireless phone service at no extra cost. This includes every plan offered by the telecom, not just pricy unlimited plans.

This company resells Verizon services, and that carrier now has 5G in parts of 34 major cities.

iPhone 12 prices rumored to stay close to current models, even with OLED screen upgrades


iPhone 12 with LiDAR scanner
Change out the display and add a LiDAR camera, and the expected iPhone 12 models are rumored to stay closely the same price as current models.

Pricing on Apple’s expected 5G-ready iPhones will remain mostly the same, even though they are predicted to include OLED screens, according to a new report.

Front Page Tech analyst Jon Prosser tweeted Thursday base pricing on what Cult of Mac has reported as four new iPhone 12 models coming later this year.

Qualcomm predicts strong 5G smartphone demand into 2021, hinting at Apple’s iPhone plans


Qualcomm expects to sell a lot of modem chipsets for 5G mobiles - like the iPhone - in the next year.
Photo: Qualcomm

Chipmaker Qualcomm said Wednesday it expects the smartphone industry to ship 30% fewer mobile phones in the second quarter as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but predicted the demand for 5G smartphones will accelerate from the second half of 2020 into the new year.

As a provider of modem chips to Apple, the predictions give further evidence that the Cupertino-based high-tech giant is on track to release it’s first 5G-ready iPhone lineup later this year simply based on Qualcomm’s estimates of product demand.

Exclusive: iPhone 12 faces delays, with faster 5G limited to key countries


iPhone 12 might mix iPhone 11 and iPad Pro designs
Prepare for iPhone 12 delays and confusion.
Photo: Ben Geskin

A number of iPhone 12 models currently face delays and may not become available in key markets until later in the year, a trusted source familiar with Apple’s plans revealed to Cult of Mac.

Options also could be limited in the United States and in other countries, where faster mmWave 5G technology is available. Elsewhere, customers may have a complete iPhone 12 lineup to choose from, but with slower 5G technology, according to the source.

T-Mobile and Sprint start combining their 5G networks


T-Mobile's 5G nationwide network.
Photo: T-Mobile

T-Mobile is wasting no time expanding — and solidifying — its 5G network in the U.S. following its recently completed merger with Sprint. The two companies, now one, are combining their networks following the landmark merger.

On Tuesday, T-Mobile announced that its 5G 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum is now live in parts of Philadelphia, offering T-Mobile customers with compatible 5G phones the opportunity to take advantage of the new super-speedy connectivity — with peaks of nearly 600 Mbps.

5G Mini LED iPad Pro may have been pushed back to early 2021


Adonit Note+ review
You may be waiting a bit longer for the next iPad Pro.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple’s first 5G-compatible cellular 12.9-inch iPad Pro has reportedly been pushed back from late 2020 to the first quarter of 2021, an Economic Daily News report published Tuesday claims.

As with most hardware delays right now, the issue is the coronavirus pandemic. While China is getting back up and running, it has seemingly impacted production enough to delay Apple’s next-gen iPad Pro later this year.