Mac app lets you enjoy Continuity with Android devices


KDE Connect is free to download and incredibly useful.
Image: Cult of Mac

Not every Mac owner uses an iPhone, and that means they often miss out on first-party features like Messages and iCloud. But there’s one feature Android users can now enjoy.

KDE Connect is a new macOS app that allows for Continuity between Mac and Android devices. You can enjoy desktop notifications, file sharing, and more — and it’s free.

Apple devices are designed to work seamlessly together, so whether you’re sat in front of a Mac, kicking back with your iPad, or out and about with your iPhone, all your data is always accessible.

And there are features that make switching between those devices and continuing where you left off incredibly easy. But if you choose to use an Android instead of an iPhone, you miss out on it all.

Not anymore.

KDE Connect bridges gap between Android and Mac

KDE Connect is a third-party app that makes using an Android phone alongside your Mac a much more enjoyable experience. It delivers a number of Continuity features you wouldn’t normally get.

Here’s the list of functions so far:

  • Run predefined commands on your Mac from connected devices.
  • Check your phone’s battery level from your desktop.
  • Trigger an alert on your phone to help you find it.
  • Share files and links between your phone and your Mac.
  • Keep your Mac awake while your phone is connected.

KDE Connect also gives you the ability to view your phone’s notifications on your desktop, but right now, that functionality must be enabled manually.

Download KDE Connect today

The software is still a work in progress, but as things stand it could be incredibly useful to many Android users. And other features are likely to come later as development continues.

To find out more about KDE Connect, visit its Wiki page. To try it out for yourself, download the latest build from Binary Factory. It is recommended you use it with macOS 10.14 or later.