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Apple stands by its bent iPads


iPad Pro 2018 one week review
None of the Cult of Mac iPad Pro units came bent.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Apple’s VP of hardware engineering reportedly says that the slight bend in some 2018 iPad Pro units is nothing unusual. 

Dan Riccio tald the owner of a bent tablet that the variance from straight in any unit is less than 400 microns, which is less than in previous iPad models.

This issue apparently affects the cellular LTE iPads the most, although it isn’t limited to just this version. And it affects both sizes of device: 12.9  and 11 inches.

Apple responds

An email from Riccio to a MacRumors reader reportedly says:

“Relative to the issue you referenced regarding the new iPad Pro, its unibody design meets or exceeds all of Apple’s high quality standards of design and precision manufacturing. We’ve carefully engineered it and every part of the manufacturing process is precisely measured and controlled. 

“Our current specification for iPad Pro flatness is up to 400 microns which is even tighter than previous generations. This 400 micron variance is less than half a millimeter (or the width of fewer than four sheets of paper at most) and this level of flatness won’t change during normal use over the lifetime of the product. Note, these slight variations do not affect the function of the device in any way.“

An earlier comment from an Apple spokesperson assured people that the bend will not get worse over time.

2018 iPad Pro never going to lie flat

Apple isn’t denying that some 2018 iPad Pro units come with a very slight curve in their chassis. But users should also be careful they don’t introduce one in their own device.

With the camera bump on the back, this tablet isn’t ever going to lie flat. And it’s already been established that the latest iPad can be bent fairly easily. So be careful about putting too much pressure on the top of the iPad when it’s lying on its back. Or on it’s front, really. 

Even better, don’t carry it around “naked.” The number of cases designed specifically for the 20128 iPad Pro is growing. There are ones already available from Apple, Otterbox, and Urban Armor Gear.