You could soon be the proud owner of Steve Jobs’ toilet


150 items come from Jobs' former home in Woodside, California.
Photo: Jonathan Haeber, Bearings

Do you want to own a chandelier that once belonged to Steve Jobs? How about a Jobs-owned thermostat, originally made in 1925? Or a silver-plated tea spoon? Or, heck, even Jobs’ old toilet? These, and roughly 146 more possessions, could soon be going up for auction.

At least, if some members of the Woodside town council, the small incorporated town in San Mateo County, where Steve Jobs once had a home, get their way.

According to a new report, the Town of Woodside will meet on Tuesday evening at a public meeting to discuss what’s to be done with 150 items which formerly belonged to Steve Jobs, now in the town’s possession.

Worth an estimated $30,285, these items came into the local council’s possession in early 2011, after Jobs won the right to demolish a Spanish Colonial style mansion which he lived in starting in the 1980s, before renting it out.

Jobs wanted to tear down the house to rebuild on the land, but his plans were stymied by people who wanted to preserve the 1925 home. In the end, Jobs left the house abandoned, where it fell into ruin. He eventually received the right to demolish it, at which point Woodside officials took possession of its remaining contents.

You can take a look at some photos from inside the rotting mansion, before its demolition, here.

Will there be an auction?

Now there is discussion of auctioning off the items, some expected to sell for just a few dollars. While buying bric-a-bric that’s been left to the elements may seem kind of crazy, it’s still a chance to own an item that Jobs himself once used.

According to people who knew Jobs, he was famously fastidious when it came to which items he owned. In Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography, his family members recall spending months discussing which washer and dryer to make. When Jobs moved into Woodside, it remained largely empty for ages — even when Jobs was living in it — because he couldn’t decide on which furniture to buy. As a result, you know that any furnishings which made the cut presumably have something kind of special about them.

This isn’t the first time Jobs’ former possessions have come up for auction. Over the years, items ranging from Jobs’ old business cards to his former BMW have also hit the auction block.

Source: Business Insider