Apple Watch Series 4’s processing power will blow you away


The S4 chip is a beast.
Photo: Apple

The new S4 chip in the Apple Watch Series 4 is an absolute beast when it comes to processing power.

Apple didn’t brag too much about the S4 during its September keynote other than saying the chip is two times faster than last year’s model. There aren’t any benchmark scores for it. However, a developer recently put the S4 through some serious tests — and the results are insanely impressive

Steve Troughton-Smith created a demo app for the Apple Watch that uses physically based Metal rendering and real-time physics to see how well the device performs. In his latest test, Troughton-Smith found that the Apple Watch can handle his demo at 60 frames per second with no problems.

Take a look:

What’s even more impressive is the CPU-intensive app only uses about 64 percent of the chip’s processing power. Troughton-Smith said he usually needs an iPhone 6s or newer to get similar performance using the same app.

Now, if only developers could figure out a must-have app or two that takes advantage of all that processing power.

Apple Watch Series 4 hit stores on September 21. Headlining features include a new ECG sensor that can detect some heart problems, improved GPS, a much brighter and bigger display, a new haptic Digital Crown and more.