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Apple Watch Series 4’s processing power will blow you away


The S4 chip is a beast.
Photo: Apple

The new S4 chip in the Apple Watch Series 4 is an absolute beast when it comes to processing power.

Apple didn’t brag too much about the S4 during its September keynote other than saying the chip is two times faster than last year’s model. There aren’t any benchmark scores for it. However, a developer recently put the S4 through some serious tests — and the results are insanely impressive

Apple Watch Series 4 review: So good it’ll make your heart race


Apple Watch Series 4 Infogram Watch Face
The Series 4 comes with some great new watch faces, like this information-packed Infograph face.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

I have a new best friend. It’s the Apple Watch Series 4. Boy, do I love this miraculous little machine.

The new Apple Watch really is wonderful. As with everything else, speed makes it so much more fluid and seamless. The display is gigantic and awesome! There’s so much technology packed inside, it’s a sci-fi marvel.

I took it for a long bike ride to test it out. Here’s what I found.

Apple Watch Series 4 set to get ceramic back and electrocardiogram


Apple Watch's heart rate monitor is set to get a big upgrade.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

New details about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4 have been revealed just days before Apple is set to unveil the upgraded wearable.

One of the most respected Apple analysts in the business just put out a new report that claims the metal back of the Apple Watch will change to a ceramic design. Even better, the watches will come with a new health sensor.