Coder’s M1 Mac mini display goes ultrawide and vertical [Setups]


An ultrawide monitor and a vertical one can be a good look.
An ultrawide monitor and a vertical one can be a good look.
Photo: CompilingTheFuture @ Reddit

Reddit is a great place to seek advice about computer setups. Redditor CompilingTheFuture did well recently when puzzling over replacing the triple-monitor display running off his M1 Mac mini.

The problem? One of the main issues was that three screens were so wide that peering into the corners required a lot of “neck twisting.” Sounds painful.

OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip unites iPhone with Xbox controller [Review]


OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip review
Securely mount your iPhone on an Xbox controller with the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Playing fast-moving games on a touchscreen is often frustrating. And while iOS supports external game controllers, combining one with an iPhone can be cumbersome. But not with the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip. It attaches an iPhone to an Xbox controller in a surprisingly usable setup.

I did some gaming with the phone mount to see how it stands up to real-world use. Spoiler: it performed far better than the many cheap alternatives.

Dueling tea parties and a looming civil war enliven Dickinson [Apple TV+ review]


Dickinson review: Civil war is brewing in season 2.
A civil war is brewing.
Photo: Apple TV+

On this week’s episode of Apple TV+’s millennial melodrama Dickinson, Austin’s drowning, Emily’s flailing, Mrs. Dickinson’s catering two tea parties, and John Brown’s raiding Harper’s Ferry. And that’s just in the first few minutes.

The future hangs in the balance. And with only two episodes left in the show’s second season, every action and word counts. The show only wastes some of them.

AirPods Pro covers protect your little buds, provide a better fit


Elago earbuds covers for AirPods Pro
Bag a pack of 6 for just $15.99.
Photo: Elago

You’re probably already protecting your AirPods Pro charging case, but what about the beloved little buds themselves? Elago’s new earbuds covers help keep them free from grime and provide a more secure fit.

They’re ideal for running, cycling, and other workout activities. They also come in a number of cool color options — including one that glows in the dark!

Laut Base for iPhone makes wireless charging look marble-ous


Laut Base wireless charger
It looks good no matter where you place it.
Photo: Laut

Most of the wireless chargers you’ll find on the market today look like boring black blocks of plastic that look out of place in a nicely decorated room. But the Laut Base wireless charger is different.

A premium aluminum casing and a marble surface allow this charging pad to look good no matter where you place it. Order yours from the Cult of Mac Store today in black or white.

How to use iCloud Passwords inside Google Chrome on Windows


How to use iCloud Passwords in Chrome
Grab Apple's new Chrome extension today.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple has rolled out a somewhat surprise Google Chrome extension that allows users to access iCloud Passwords on Windows machines.

You can use it to sync all the passwords you’ve created on Mac, iPhone, and iPad to your Windows desktop. And to sync any passwords you create in Chrome to iCloud Keychain for use on Apple devices.

We’ll show you how to get set up.

Palmer is here for your tears. Better just hand them over. [Apple TV+ review]


Justin Timberlake and Ryder Allen in Palmer
Justin Timberlake is a star, but Ryder Allen steals the show in Palmer.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ makes an awards bid with the well-meaning Palmer, a drama of recovery, change and tolerance. It might not set the world on fire, but the film proves uniquely difficult to resist.

Justin Timberlake is in fine form as a hardened convict who grows soft and open to love thanks to the charms of a little boy. His accent might not last the whole movie, but his commitment to the part is nevertheless most endearing.

Minix 4-port portable charger can power all your gear [Review]


Minix Neo P2 review
The Minix Neo P2 can charge any MacBook at full speed. Or power up four devices at once.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

There are so many electronic devices scattered around our homes and offices that a multi-port charger makes sense. The Minix Neo P2 can share up to 100 watts of power with a MacBook, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch all at the same time. Or it can charge your Mac at full power. Plus, the wall adapter is portable and can be used in power sockets around the world.

I used the accessory as my primacy charger for weeks to keep almost all my devices going. Here’s how it stood up in the real world.