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Beware, this apple pop-up shop isn’t selling iPhones


Apple popup shop
This is not a real Apple store.
Photo: Ashley Carman/The Verge

Apple fans in NYC eager to visit the company’s first ever pop-up shop in The Big Apple are going to be in for a rude surprise when they show up to the doors tomorrow morning.

A new store has popped up in the Big Apple this week promising to provide a taste of the future. The logo and font on the outside is minimalist and very Apple-esque, but instead of selling limited editions iPhones or Apple Watches, the shops are promoting actual apples.

The Apple pop-up shop is set to open from August 16 to 18. As The Verge was the first to discover, “newest release” being promised is a new brand of apple called Rave.

“Stop in for a taste of Rave®, a new brand of apple exclusively grown by sixth-generation apple farmers in beautiful Washington State,” reads a message posted on the shop’s Facebook event page. “Outrageously juicy, refreshingly crisp, and so good you’ll want to rave about it, it’s the new apple on the block to watch.”

Stemilt Growers, an apple growing company, is hosting the event and the only Apple products on display will be the ones you carry in with you.

If you had your hopes set on scoring some special colored AirPods, you’re out of luck. But if you do want a juicy bite of Rave, the store on 393 Broadway Ave will be open from 10AM until 6PM.