AirPods are the key to romance in Apple’s holiday ad


Apple wants you to give the gift of music this holiday season.
Photo: Apple

The first big Apple ad of the holiday season is here just in time for Thanksgiving.

Apple published its holiday ad “Sway” to Youtube today. The whimsical ad features a winter holiday cityscape that transforms into something magical as a couple dance through it. Of course, they’re rocking AirPods and the iPhone X the entire time.

Check it out:

Previous holiday ads from Apple have also pulled on viewers heartstrings with more storytelling than the company’s usual ads. Last year’s ad featured a Christmas story with Frankenstein. Stevie Wonder starred in 2015 ad. The company may release other holiday commercials too over the next four weeks.

  • Solublepeter

    Just emphasises that you can’t Airplay to two sets of AirPods at once, mind.

  • Ken Miller

    The day Apple decides to make these usable for those that have smaller ears is the day that sales will increase significantly. Apple has a one-size-fits-all paradigm which makes those with smaller ears look to other options. The worst part about it is that this is Apple — the better functionality for everyone company — and they can’t even design a set of AirPods with sizing in mind from large to small like every other company on the planet does. Silly Apple.

  • LeeHamm

    Sweet photography. I’ll be well impressed if this was shot on iPhone.