Edward Snowden recommends this file sharing platform [Deals]


This secure cloud storage platform encrypts your data on its servers and while in transit.
This secure cloud storage platform encrypts your data on its servers and while in transit.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whatever you might think of him, Ed Snowden knows internet security. So, when he suggests you make a change in the apps you use, it’s worth a listen.

One of his most publicized suggestions was for SpiderOak, the a secure cloud storage platform. It encrypts your data before it leaves your computer, whereas DropBox only does this for data on its servers. Right now, you can get a terabyte of SpiderOak for a year for just $39.99. Even better, you can save an extra 20 percent with the coupon code ‘SOFTWARE20’ at checkout.

SpiderOak includes a bunch of features for keeping your data secure. For example, in case of malware, the Point-in-Time recovery feature can restore saved data to its state before the attack. There’s also full support for Linux, Mac, and Windows, syncing data between all devices regardless of operating system. A ‘Share Room’ feature exchanges files securely between devices over a web interface. You can even create temporary, self-destructing links to specific files. Also worth noting is the security philosophy of No Knowledge that underpins SpiderOak. That means not even they have access to your password, your data stored on their servers, or the metadata associated with the files.

Buy now: Get a terabyte of SpiderOak One for a year for $39.99. That’s 69 percent off the usual price. Plus, save an additional 20 percent when you use the coupon code ‘SOFTWARE20’ at checkout.

  • Peter Moore

    i use SpideroakOne. A great service. Occasionally they’ll offer their unlimited plan and they did earlier this year and i took advantage of it. I still havent gone over 1Tb yet though – currently at about 960Gb. Once i fix my Mac Mini and reconnect it that’ll probably push it over the 1Tb mark and i’ll be into the unlimited part of my plan given my original plan was the 1Tb one offered above.
    if it starts scanning i’d recommend hitting “pause” until you configure what directories, volumes etc you want it to backup and what file types (eg .iso, .zip, .tgz etc) you want it to ignore or include fo course. Then hit “resume” and you’re good to go.