Keep your data secure with this $40 unlimited cloud storage plan


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This storage service lets you migrate, organize, open and share files in the cloud.
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If you use Apple devices, you might wonder why you would need another cloud storage service. After all, you’re probably already familiar with iCloud, which syncs your photos and music across your devices.

But Apple’s service does come with its own annoyances. For example, there’s no automatic deletion of the photos you choose to get rid of. If you’re looking for the best comprehensive, unlimited cloud storage solution for all your files, look no further than this G Cloud Mobile Backup Unlimited Storage Plan.

This 1TB cloud storage solution secures your important files for just $50


Cloud Storage
4Sync Premium is the perfect haven for all your important files.
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Our devices are fragile things considering all the precious files they contain. All it takes is one solid drop of your phone or one spilled glass of water next to your laptop for you to lose any number of significant work files, irreplaceable photos, hard-to-find music files and more. Thankfully, this 4Sync Premium Cloud Storage can help. The cloud-based storage solution is the perfect place for you to stow your documents, music, photos and more — and you can get a one-year subscription for $49.99.

Don’t worry about losing your data ever again with Starchive Cloud Storage


This storage plan gives you complete control of your data
A lifetime sub to this storage plan gives you complete control of your data — forever!
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How many important photos and documents have you lost on misplaced USB drives or computers that haven’t worked in years? Confronting the impermanence of so much of our digital data is a frustration we all experience. And the more important the file, the more it hurts when it disappears forever.

For everyone from entrepreneurs to casual web users, losing data is painful, and it’s estimated that if it’s not copied and verified frequently, there’s up to an 8% chance every year that your data will be lost.

The Starchive 1TB Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription offers an alternative to the stress of constantly worrying that your files might fade. For under $100, you can have a safe place to store all your most important digital possessions.

Back up your most precious moments with 4 amazing deals on cloud storage plans


Take your pick at four of the best storage and backup plans out there
Take your pick: We've got lifetime subs to four of the finest cloud storage and backup plans out there.
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Smartphone and computer storage gets cheaper, faster and more reliable every year, but there still never seems to be enough. Our phones are filled to the brim with 4K videos, photos and apps.

If your smartphone or hard drive is packed full of important documents and family memories you just can’t let go of, cloud storage is a great option. These four cloud storage plans are all available at drastically reduced prices right now — and they’re all lifetime subscriptions, too.

Save with Cyber Monday deals on tools for cloud storage and online security


Degoo Mega CoM
Save more than 90% on massive cloud storage deals and powerful VPNs, great gifts for anyone with a digital dimension to their life.
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Storage and security are among the most important resources in our digital lives. So we rounded up four great deals on massive cloud storage accounts and VPN protection, to make sure you stay safe, anonymous and never run out of space. Even better, they’re available at truly massive discounts. To save an additional 40% on apps and software, apply the code CMSAVE40 at checkout.

Score up to 50TB of super-secure cloud storage


Degoo Mega (1)
Get up to 50 terabytes of storage, with end-to-end encryption and availability on unlimited devices.
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There’s no such thing as too much digital backup space. Even so, offering up to 50 terabytes, this deal on super-secure cloud storage is probably more than you’ll need for a long time. Even better, it can be yours at a massive 97% discount.

Keep your cloud backup storage organized and save 97%


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Score a massive 10TB of secure cloud backup storage for all your devices.
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As time goes on, personal data just keeps stacking up — and keeping it all organized, secure and accessible becomes more of a challenge. With this deal on 10 full terabytes of cloud storage, you can take the pressure off for a while. Even better, it’s discounted at 97%, so you end up paying only about 10 bucks per terabyte.

Our Fourth of July sale includes VPN protection, cloud storage and more [Deals]


These great 4th of July deals include language lessons, VPN protection, 10TB of cloud storage and more.
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One of the reasons to be excited about the Independence Day is deals like these. We’ve rounded up tools for learning and translating other languages, a powerful VPN service, and a massive 10TB of cloud storage. Best of all, they’re all discounted by 80% or more.