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Pokémon Go hands out prizes for coolest AR photographs


Pokemon Go
There's a new reason to play Pokémon GO.
Photo: Niantic

In an attempt to capitalize on current headlines about augmented reality, Pokémon Go developer Niantic has launched an AR photography contest within the app.

Through October 25, users can snap a photo in the game and then upload it to Instagram using the tag #PokemonGoContest. If your image is one of the top 10 submissions, you’ll win a Pokémon Go prize pack containing a Pokémon Go Plus accessory, a poster autographed by the Pokémon Go team, and Bluetooth earbuds.

Got to snap ’em all

Considering how many players there are worldwide (in the last half of 2016, Pokémon Go raked in more than $1 billion from hundreds of millions of downloads), the prizes aren’t great. Nonetheless, we’ve got to give the gamemakers plaudits for trying to come up with fresh ways to lure new players and maintain the game’s popularity.

This year, Pokémon Go received a long-overdue roster upgrade, adding 80 new creatures, including Pokémon from the Gold and Silver games. More recently, Niantic debuted Legendary Pokémon, adding new limited-edition characters that you’ll have to hurry to catch before they move on.

Finding a way to capitalize on Apple’s sustained augmented reality marketing campaign is certainly smart. In an interview this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook doubled down on how important AR is as a technology — likening it to the arrival of Multitouch and the App Store in its likely impact.

If you’ve not already downloaded Pokémon Go, you can do so for free from the App Store. You can also check out the rules for the Pokémon Go AR photo contest.

Will you be entering? Are you still playing Pokémon Go? And, if not, what would it take to reignite your interest? Leave your comments below.