iPhone SE Plus concept packs best iPhone X features into smaller device


iPhone SE Plus concept
We really hope Apple makes this a reality.
Photo: Curved

Think the iPhone X screen is still too big? Well, this concept might be just what you need. By combining some of the design elements of the iPhone SE with the edge-to-edge display of the iPhone X, Curved’s latest concept is absolutely drool-worthy.

Take a closer look:

iPhone SE Plus
It’s like if the iPhone SE and the iPhone X had a baby.
Photo: Curved

Dubbed the iPhone SE Plus, this beautiful concept comes with a 4.7-inch display while taking advantage of one of Apple’s best ever designs. With an OLED screen, iPhone SE Plus would pack more pixels than its predecessor and pick up some new facial recognition features too.

There’s room for TrueDepth cameras on the front to facilitate FaceID. On the back, you’ll find the dual-lens setup that makes Portrait Mode and Portrait Lightning possible. Add an A11 Bionic processor, some more RAM and a slightly bigger battery and this could be the ultimate phone for a lot of Apple fans that want the latest features without having to sacrifice on pocket space.

Would you buy one? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Russell McGuire

    Yes!!! This what I’m waiting for!!!

  • Tjosansa


  • allen

    I would pre-order now if it was a thing. I am going to hold onto my SE for as long as I can. I hope they do a refresh at some point.

    • ukw

      Same here, iPhone SE is a great little phone.

  • JEP


  • Tom

    There’s no way that in the near future Apple is going to put the true depth camera system on a cheaper phone. They are having enough of a hard time producing it for the iPhone X.

  • Arsenij Panjkov

    where is a rear glass ?

  • Jaca Paladium

    Much better than an i8 !

  • Nick Seamore

    Beautiful!!! I want it!!!

  • Petros Fragis

    Where do I order???

  • martim

    YES!!! I’d pay iPhone X price for this. I’d even pay more than iPhone X price actually.

  • Name goes here

    Get rid of the FaceID stuff to keep costs down. Put a TouchID (home button) on the back (in the Apple logo). Then I’m sold. Then again, probably not. While, I really do prefer the styling of the SE, in this day and age, a 720p display is weak. Make it 1080p in 16:9 ratio. None of the 2:1 stuff going on with the iPhone X.

  • Pieter Wiltjer

    Would love to see this in an Iphone 4 type body with glass front and back and metal frame.

  • Dylan Key

    I would pre-order now if it was a thing. I am going to hold onto my SE for as long as I can. I hope they do a refresh at some point.

  • Michael Ajoodan-Poor

    TOTALLY !!!

    I have a 6S and would not go for a bigger phone, a smaller phone tho with the same size screen actually would be amazing !!!

    The form of my phone is at times annoying, so why does Apple not come up with such good designs !!! I WANT THIS PHONE !

    • Michael Ajoodan-Poor

      Oh yeah, put the home button under the screen obviously with the touch ID under there too …. we have the technology :)

  • Norm Bennett

    Yes! I would be interested in one if it became a reality!

  • Carlos

    Wouldn’t this be called the iPhone SE X? Zing!!

  • LPS

    Yes! In a heartbeat!

  • Sukaru Florin

    Here goes the style! This was the style created by Steve Jobs, and is the only style i would buy, because EVERY SINGLE iPhone, (from 6 to X) looks disgusting… so the 5S style would be hundreds of times better. Steve Jobs remember day is approaching…