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New ArcField MagSafe charger powers up iPhone fast


It's a potent little charger with a built-in kickstand.
It's a potent little charger with a built-in kickstand.
Photo: Spigen

Using older magnetic chargers, lots of folks still charge their iPhones at a pokey rate of 7.5 watts. So it’s good news Spigen just rolled out its first 15W MagSafe device, the ArcField Wireless Charger.

You can use it to quick-charge any MagSafe iPhone 12, 13 or 14 handset, and it’ll juice up an AirPods Pro charging case at 5W.

Slender new Spigen hubs greatly expand MacBook connectivity


Spigen's new 6-in-1 hub opens up the connectivity options for MacBook.
Spigen's new 6-in-1 hub opens up the connectivity options for MacBook.
Photo: Spigen

Mobile accessories-maker Spigen rolled out two new USB hubs for MacBooks and other laptops Monday: Spigen ArcDock Pro Multi Hub 6-in-1 and ArcDock Multi Hub 8-in-1.

In each case, a plethora of ports give you plenty of options for connecting your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro to loads of peripherals, including a high-definition external display.

Learn to tame cable clutter with Basic Apple Guy [Setups]


See any cables here? We didn't think so.
See any cables here? We didn't think so.
Photo: Basic Apple Guy

Today’s featured computer setup comes from Mac maven and designer Basic Apple Guy. We know him from the free wallpapers he offers for download. Who knew he was such a cable-management Jedi?

We came across his powerful setup with nary an unsightly cable while writing about his new “Flow” wallpaper — which was actually inspired by his fight with cable clutter.

10 tough cases that keep your iPhone in top condition


10 tough cases for iPhone
Ensure your iPhone always looks brand-new.
Photos: OtterBox, Casetify, LifeProof, SwitchEasy, Elago

If you want your iPhone to always look brand-new — even after you’ve dropped it over and over again — you’ll need a rugged case that offers plenty of impact protection. And there are loads of tough iPhone cases to choose from.

We rounded up 10, starting at just $7.99, that are all built to be robust bodyguards for your iPhone.

7 stellar Apple Watch charging stands for under $30


Give your Apple Watch a great place to rest.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Your beloved Apple Watch deserves more than to be slapped on top of its included charging cable every night. Treat yours to an actual charging stand without breaking the bank and give it a better place to rest.

Here are seven stellar options, handpicked by Cult of Mac, for $30 or less.

Best wireless iPhone chargers now that AirPower is dead


Wireless chargers
Wireless chargers are easy to use and look stylish in any room.
Photo: Mophie

Owners of late-model iPhones (starting with iPhone 8) can stash all their old Lightning cables in a desk drawer and start charging their phone more easily with a wireless charger. Instead of sticking a wire into your phone and attaching it to a power adapter, you just place the phone on a small charger pad — or on a stand-up charging pad — and you’re good to go.

Now that Apple officially killed off its AirPower charging mat, it’s time to take the plunge and get yourself a third-party wireless charger. And if you’ve got one of those newfangled AirPods wireless charging cases, a charging pad is even more essential to your setup.

Here are our recommendations for best wireless chargers.

Concept iPhone case makes true wireless charging a reality


Ossia's iPhone cases will be a total game changer.
Photo: Ossia

CES 2019 bug: Concept iPhone case makes true wireless charging a reality The era of using cables to charge your iPhone may finally be coming to an end.

During CES 2019, Ossia, a company that specializes in creating truly wireless charging solutions, debuted its first case for iPhone that can take radio waves out of the air and convert them into useable electricity.

Enter to win 6 awesome iPhone XS cases [Instagram giveaway]


Protect your new iPhone XS, plus it's on us.
You've already spent a fortune on your new iPhone XS, let Cult of Mac cover the rest literally.
Photo: Kristal Chan/Cult of Mac

For the next several weeks, we’re giving away dozens of brand new iPhone XS cases on Instagram. We’re kicking off with a bundle of six sexy cases from Spigen, Urban Armor Gear, and Casemate. The six cases all fit the latest iPhone XS (not the Max), and together are worth a tasty $245.