Apple joins Instagram to showcase Shot on iPhone photos

Apple joins Instagram to showcase Shot on iPhone photos


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Apple finally has an official Instagram account. The company has expanded its social media presence to promote Shot on iPhone photos, and it is inviting fans to take part by using the #ShotoniPhone tag on their Instagram uploads.

The iPhone was labeled the most popular camera of 2016 by Flickr, with 47 percent of all photos uploaded to the service shot on an Apple device. In fact, eight of the top ten devices employed by its users were iPhones.

The Shot on iPhone campaign, launched in 2015, was designed to highlight why it’s such a great camera. It uses stunning photos and videos shot by real iPhone users, whose creations have appeared in TV ads and on billboards around the world.

With the iPhone’s camera improving every year, Shot on iPhone has continued to run. Apple continues to add new photos and videos to the campaign periodically, and with its new Instagram account, it’ll be easier than ever to showcase them.

Since the account launched earlier today, Apple has uploaded a ton of photos and several videos all shot by real iPhone owners. The account follows just six other Instagram accounts — all owned by Apple — but already boasts over 33,700 followers.

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Apple encourages fans to take part in the campaign by tagging their best shots with the #ShotoniPhone hashtag. It will also be hoping that frequent uploads will inspire users to get out there and discover what the iPhone’s camera can really do.

With iPhone 8 and its dual camera upgrade right around the corner, it’s unlikely the Shot on iPhone campaign will be ending anytime soon.