You should stop using your AmazonBasics battery packs now


AmazonBasics battery pack
Steer well clear of AmazonBasics battery packs
Photo: Amazon

If you own an AmazonBasics portable battery pack, you should stop using it now. Amazon has recalled more than 260,000 units following 53 reports of overheating in the U.S. alone.

Six different models, sold between December 2014 and July 2017, have been condemned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) this week.

Here’s how much a new iPhone battery boosts performance


A battery replacement can make a big difference.
Photo: Apple

Want to know how much difference replacing the battery in an old iPhone makes to the overall speed of the handset? A new video posted online by Bennett Sorbo compares an iPhone 6s with depleted battery against one with a fresh battery.

The two iPhones are then put head to head as they run through a variety of CPU-intensive tasks, including opening apps, using the internet, playing games and videos, and more. Check out the video below.

Apple wants to buy crucial iPhone battery metal direct from miners


iPhone X laying down
Apple has a plan to help it sidestep a potential shortage of cobalt.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is reportedly in talks to buy the cobalt used in its iPhone batteries directly from miners for the first time.

This would mark a major change since Apple, one of the world’s largest end users of cobalt supplies, has previously left the purchasing of the metal down to the companies which build its batteries. It’s a smart move that could help prioritize Apple in the event of a major cobalt shortage.

Apple investigates AirPods explosion


AirPod explodes
What happened to this poor AirPod?
Photo: WFLA

Apple is investigating how an AirPod exploded and very nearly injured its owner. A Tampa, Florida man was listening to music at the gym when he noticed smoke billowing out of his ear. Fortunately for him, he took the AirPod out before it ended up in tiny pieces.

This cheap iPhone X clone comes with a massive battery


It looks just like the iPhone X.
Photo: Oukitel

Battery life on the iPhone X got you down? Consider downgrading to an iPhone X knock-off fresh out of China.

The Chinese company Oukitel unveiled its newest iPhone copycat this week that comes with a lot of the same features for a fraction of the cost, including a vertically stacked dual-lens camera and face unlocking.

Apple faces DoJ probe over throttled iPhones


iphone battery
$29 for a battery replacement isn't too bad.
Photo: iFixit

Investigators at the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are looking into whether or not Apple violated securities laws when it disclosed that it throttles CPU speeds on some iPhones.

Apple revealed at the beginning of the year that it intentionally lowers the speed on iPhones with older batteries to prevent unwanted crashes. Customers in numerous counties have filed lawsuits against the iPhone maker. Now it appears that the feds are getting ready to weigh in.

iOS 11.3 beta 1 is out with iCloud Messages, new Animoji and more


iphone x
iOS 11.3 brings new animoji for iPhone X.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The first big iOS 11 beta of 2018 has finally arrived.

Apple gave the public a preview of the new features coming in iOS 11.3 this morning. Developers can already start pla with the new goodies now that Apple just released the first iOS 11.3 beta.

iPhone slowdown lawsuit wants to examine Apple’s battery data


iPhone slowdown case has caused multiple lawsuits around the world.
Photo: Apple

Apple has said that it will reduce the cost of replacement batteries as a result of its iPhone slowdown controversy. However, according to a new lawsuit leveled against Apple this practice could wind up destroying valuable evidence.

In a motion filed in Los Angeles by lawyer Adam Levitt of DiCello Levitt & Casey, the claimant says that it is important to, “maintain and preserve any data [Apple] collects through diagnostic testing in order to protect the claims of all affected consumers.” In other words, stop throwing away batteries!