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Roku crushes Apple TV in streaming race


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Should Apple rethink its TV strategy.
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Apple TV still isn’t doing any damage to Roku’s control of the TV streaming media player market, based on the latest study that show’s Apple device is still sitting in fourth place in the rankings.

Roku now boasts 38.9 million users and has grabbed the top spot from Google according to eMarketer’s new data. The firm estimates that Roku will grab one third of the market by 2021. Currently it has about 23.1% of the market.

As you can see in the graph below, Google’s ChromeCast is the number two most used TV media streamer with 36.9 million users, capturing 22% of the market.

survey on connected TVs
Roku is number one.
Photo: eMarketer

Apple TV Struggles

The future doesn’t look too bright for Apple TV. Even though it currently has 21.4 million users, eMarketer only expects Apple TV to pick up about 4 million users between now and 2021. It’s current marketshare of 12.7% will likely dip further as Google and Roku are expected to add 20 and 30 million users.

“Apple TV has been held back by the absence of a compelling content offering, a lack of support for increasingly popular Amazon video content, and a much higher price bracket than its competitors,” said Paul Verna, principal video analyst at
eMarketer. “Apple TV devices currently start at $150, whereas Google, Amazon
and Roku all sell streaming sticks that are priced well below $40.”

A new Apple TV device make Apple more competitive in the market. The fourth generation model was released in 2015. Rumors earlier this year indicated that Apple is planning a new 4K Apple TV, but leaks and other evidence have been in short supply.