New batch of Apple trademarks includes mysterious ‘Iris Engine’


The window to your soul will soon be the key to your iPhone.
The window to your soul will soon be the key to your iPhone.
Photo: Bill Dickerson/Flickr

A recent batch of trademarks filed by alleged Apple shell companies may have just hinted at a bunch of new products and features to be revealed soon, including something called an “Iris Engine.”

The mysterious phrase, spotted by trademark attorney Brian Conroy in patent documents, could refer to retina scanning in the iPhone. Apple is rumored to be working on the feature for the 2017 iPhone.

Other notable trademarks include “AirPod Case” which is certainly related to the new wireless earbuds Apple is making. Touch Bar, Progress Card, iBooks Storytime, Swift Lab, Control Strip and Home Hub are also listed among the requested trademarks.

Just because Apple may have filed for the trademarks does not mean the company plans to actually use them. Apple has requested a six-month seniority expiration date on all phrases should it not use them.

list of Apple patents

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus names are also confirmed from the trademark filings. Apple is set to unveil its new smartphones at a keynote in San Francisco tomorrow. The Apple Watch 2 and new Beats headphones are also expected to make an appearance.