Get 98 percent off a lifetime of team file sharing with Droplr [Deals]


Lifetime License

Keeping a digital collaboration humming can get expensive, especially as your team gets bigger and bigger. Making sure everybody has access to the same projects and files often takes a pricey subscription to a cloud platform like Dropbox. But right now a powerful solution is going for a huge discount of 98 percent — you can get a lifetime of Droplr for just $21.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

With Droplr, anyone on your team with access to the account can then immediately access and work on the same content. Simply drag a file to the icon on your desktop or tap the shortcut and you automatically upload your files to their remote server. Everything can be viewed without having to download it, collections can be shared across accounts and outside of them, and all data is guarded by security tools like password protection, self-destruct times and obfuscated URLs.

Get a lifetime of Droplr Pro for $21.99, a massive 98 percent off the usual price.