Your Lightning cables look like sissies next to these [Deals]


CoM - Armour Cable

When Iron Man charges his iPhone, he probably uses one of Armour’s Lightning cables. These sleek, steel-lined, MFi-certified, charging devices are built to last. In fact, they come with a limited lifetime warranty, making them the last Lightning chargers you’ll ever need to buy. Right now they’re going at a big discount, so take a look and upgrade your charging game.

Armour Charge Steel iOS Charging Cable – 28% off

This armored charger is woven with pure stainless steel, which not only prevents fray and cuts but also keeps it tangle-free. It also means you’ll never have to buy a new one again — even if it breaks — thanks to a lifetime warranty. And with USB 2.0-to-lightning connection, it’s as fast as it is fearsome.

Buy now: Get this steel-lined Lightning cable for $24.95, that’s 28 percent less than usual.

CoM - Armour Loop

Armour Loop Charging iOS Cable – 33% off

Having a single charger for use at home and on the go can be confusing, and makes it all the more likely you’ll lose your iOS device’s lifeline. This handy loop is just as tough as its longer cousin above, but is designed to conveniently latch onto a bag, belt buckle, basically anything you take with you, latching into a secure circle that ain’t going anywhere.

Buy now: Get the Armour Loop for $19.95, a full third off the normal price.

CoM - Armour Key

Armour Travel Steel iOS Charging Keychain – 24% off

Sometimes you need to charge when you least expect it. That’s when this keychain-mounted charger will save the day, with a tough aluminum housing to protect the whole works from the cluttered chaos that is your pocket or backpack. It easily hooks up to most wall chargers and computers via USB, and like all the products in this roundup it includes a lifetime warranty.

Buy now: Get the Travel Steel for $29.99, at a healthy discount 24 percent.