Tim Cook lunch raises mad money for charity


Tim Cook Apple March 21 event
How much would you pay to have lunch with Tim Cook?
Photo: Apple

Bidding for Tim Cook’s latest Charity Buzz lunch auction has finally closed, and unless you were willing to part with some huge stacks of money, you had absolutely no chance of winning. 

Cook’s latest auction didn’t shatter his previous record of $610,000 raised for the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, but it got pretty close.

The winning bidder paid $515,000 to have lunch with Tim Cook at Apple HQ, as well as getting 2 VIP passes to an Apple keynote in the next year. The estimated value of the aution was only $100,000, but Tim Cook has proven to be a popular item on the charity site, with previous lots offered by Cook going for $200,000 last year, $330,000 in 2014 and $610,000 in 2013.

All of the proceeds from the last four Cook charity auctions have gone to the RFK Center, where Tim Cook was recently made a board member.

It’s unknown who shelled out that much money on the lunch, but we may spot them at Apple’s WWDC event or the iPhone 7 unveiling this Fall.