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Tim Cook lunch raises mad money for charity


Tim Cook Apple March 21 event
How much would you pay to have lunch with Tim Cook?
Photo: Apple

Bidding for Tim Cook’s latest Charity Buzz lunch auction has finally closed, and unless you were willing to part with some huge stacks of money, you had absolutely no chance of winning. 

Cook’s latest auction didn’t shatter his previous record of $610,000 raised for the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, but it got pretty close.

You can win a lunch meeting with Apple’s Eddie Cue for only $10k


Apple's Eddy Cue and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine sit in Walt Mossberg's famous red chairs to dish on Apple's Beats acquisition.
Apple's Eddie Cue and Beats cofounder Jimmy Iovine in Walt's famous red chairs to dish on Beats acquisition
Photo: Pete Mall, Re/code
Photo: Pete Mall/Re/code


Ever want to sit down with the guy at Apple who has basically been tasked to fix every disaster of the last five years? If you got more than ten grand to spare and love basketball this may be your lucky day, as CharityBuzz just opened a new auction lot that includes a one-hour paid lunch at Apple HQ with you, your friend, and Mr. Fixit Eddie Cue.

Drinking Coffee With Tim Cook Will Cost You $50,000 But It’s For A Good Cause




If you dream of chilling with your homie Tim Cook in the morning and grabbing coffee but never had the chance to meet Silicon Valley’s most powerful CEO, then here’s your chance.

Tim Cook is auctioning off 30min-1hour of his time for CharityBuzz.com. Proceeds go to support the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, and you’ll get to hangout with Tim at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. Who knows. Maybe if you woo him he’ll show you the latest iWatch prototype.

The current bid is set at $5,250 but the estimated value of the prize is $50,000. The winner will get to bring themselves and 1 guest to coffee-time with Tim, but don’t expect to get too cozy with Tim as the auction details explain you’ll have to undergo a security screening before you get close to him, and he’s not going to pay for your hotel and airplane either.


Source: CharityBuzz

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