4 Snapchat tips that will make you a pro


Here's more snap for your chat.
Here's more snap for your chat.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Snapchat is one of those essential social networking apps that makes a ton of sense to early adopters (read: young folks) and not much sense at all to those who arrive later to the party.

As obfuscated as most of Snapchat’s features are, it takes a bit of guidance if you want to go beyond simply snapping a shot and sending it to a buddy. These four easy Snapchat tips will turn you into a master.

Snapchat-largeTaste the rainbow with custom colors
Doodling on a Snapchat is fun. It lets you customize just about any snap with the power of your own artistry (or lack thereof). If you’ve noticed, though, when you choose the color for said doodle, there’s no white, black (or pink) options.

15021193310_b805665f98_kRepresent your town with custom geofilters
If you’re looking to show a little local pride in Snapchat, you’re in luck. Snapchat makes it pretty easy to create and upload your own so you (and anyone else who’s in that location) can swipe right and show off a custom geofilter. All you need is a graphics program and a little bit of time, and you can represent your town with a custom Snapchat geofilter.

snapchatImpress your friends with a two-filter combo
Snapchat lets you filter your snaps with a color, the temperature or the name of the city you’re in (geofilters), but did you know you could create a snap with more than one of these cool things? It’s relatively simple, but as with many things with the popular app, it’s not super-easy to find in Snapchat’s weird interface.

16910572286_b57822d5bc_oSave Snapchats without your friends knowing
Savvy users know they can take a screenshot of any Snapchat and save it to their Camera Roll. Snapchat countered by letting the person you’re connected with know when you try to sneak a screenshot of their photo. If, however, you’re looking to work around this new “feature,” there’s a simple trick that lets you save Snapchats without your friends knowing.

4 Snapchat tips in one great video

Visual learner? Watch all four of our Snapchat tips in the Cult of Mac video below.