13 hot new Super Bowl commercials getting their game on right now


Danny Trejo stars with recreated Brady bunch actors and sets in this hilarious ad for Snickers. Photo: Mars, Inc.
Danny Trejo stars with Brady Bunch actors and sets in this hilarious ad for Snickers. Photo: Mars

It used to be that you had to wait until Sunday to see the hot, out-of-this-world-expensive Super Bowl ads during the big game.

In our modern, always-connected age of sneak-peek overindulgence, you can actually skip the game itself and watch the ads on your own time, via YouTube and your sweet iPad or iPhone.

Here are 13 of the most hotly anticipated short films that you can preview right now, and spend your commercial time during the game making snacks and taking bathroom breaks.

Funny spots

Famous bad boy Danny Trejo stars in this stunningly original spot for Snickers. It follows the normal format of a character being super-hangry and needing a candy bar to calm the f down, only this time it’s Marcia from The Brady Bunch, who apparently is willing to cut Peter with an ax for throwing a football that hit her nose. Special bonus points for the guest star at the end who stands in for Jan. There’s even a teaser ad (that may be more hilarious than the actual spot) and a making-of short film for this one.

At the beginning of the Internet, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel had no clue about what it was. They reunite for BMW’s electric car ad, “Newfangled Idea.” They’re apparently just as clueless about this new car thing as they were about the information superhighway back in the ’90s.

Kim Kardashian West pokes fun at herself and her many selfie lovers in this T-Mobile commercial for rollover data, “#KimsDataStash.” She’s bemoaning the fact that all the other cell providers make you start over each month with your data plan, leaving less space for all her wholesome selfies. What a shame.

Mercedes-Benz brings together that storied racing duo, the Tortoise and the Hare, in a cute commercial (“Fable”) for the German automaker’s new hotrod AMG-GT. Tortoise is tired of slow and steady and decides to blow by his competition in a gorgeous new automobile.

YouTube sensation Ze Frank voices an older cat who’s trying to impart sage advice to an adorably cute kitten in this ad for Purina Friskies cat food. “Dear Kitten: The Disappearing Humans” has the wiser cat noticing all the coats of visiting Super Bowl fans, thinking that perhaps the humans that once wore them are now disappeared.

Inspiring tear jerkers

Amy Purdy proves that she is one of the greatest in this inspiring ad for Toyota, “How Great I Am,” in which Muhammad Ali’s famous speech plays over scenes of Purdy dancing, running and snowboarding with her various high-tech prosthetic lower legs. Inspirational for all of us who complain about going to the gym, for sure.

“Lost Dog” is an ad for the venerable beer Budweiser that features the famous Clydesdale horses searching for and finding an adorably cute little puppy dog that was oh-so-lost and alone. The huge workhorses show up just in time to scare off a wolf, and get the baby dog home in time for, we assume, the Super Bowl.

If you are a dad, you’ll need plenty of tissue to handle this one, as Dove’s Men+Care commercial, “#RealStrength,” will assault your feelers pretty much from the first scene. Kids call for their dads to share joy, pain and even fear in this tear-inducing montage that may not make you want to buy skin care products as much as it will make you want to go hug your kids.

Straight-up weird ads

We’re not sure what’s wrong with Jeff Bridges, but the man — and this bizarre ad — is just plain odd. DIY website-building service Squarespace wants you to make a weird website, so they enlisted Bridges to lend his wacky delivery and strange passion for interesting sounds to this crazy spot, “The Cliff – DreamingWithJeff.com.”

This millennial (“Reilly!” he says, all intensely) is really willing to accept whatever comes his way, as long as they get a free light beer out of the deal. “Real Life PacMan #UpForWhatever” is a Bud Light spot that is as empty and bland as the beer itself, as Reilly becomes Pac-Man and runs around a life-size Pac-maze to an EDM soundtrack with a bearded hipster DJ, because of course he does. “What is going ON!?” may be my new favorite slogan.

Teaser ads

Disney’s upcoming film Tomorrowland teases a new trailer that will only air Sunday, “Tomorrowland Big Game Tease,” with George Clooney’s voiceover and that incredible effects shot of Britt Robertson touching the Tomorrowland pin.

Pepsi jumps in with its own ad teaser for its Super Bowl ad, “Halftime Touches Down,” about a soda vending machine being hoovered up into an offscreen UFO, in prep for the full-length ad that we’ll have to wait for Sunday to actually see.

Skittles presents a weird reality where everyone has a massively muscled right arm and is willing to use it to fight out the age-old question of which Skittles are best in teaser ad, “It Will Be Settled.”


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