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What to expect from Apple’s September event [The CultCast]


The CultCast: Tim Cook can't wait to tell you how excited he is about the new Apple gear at the Apple event on September 7!
Tim Cook can't wait to tell you how excited he is about the new Apple gear!
Image: Cult of Mac/Apple

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: Looks like we have a date for the next big Apple event: Mark your calendars for September 7! We’re expecting iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 — which both sound awfully familiar — and hoping for something surprising.

Also on The CultCast:

  • Kim Kardashian’s “neutral colors” for Beats Fit Pro actually look pretty enticing. Who woulda guessed?
  • An Apple stock update from Erfon might leave you jealous if you sold in a panic.
  • Let’s drag Mark Zuckerberg for his pathetic metaverse avatar. Everyone else is!

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Kim Kardashian’s Beats earbuds sold out quickly at Apple but are now on Amazon [Updated]


The three neutral colors are designed to blend in like a proper fashion accessory.
The three neutral colors are designed to blend in like a proper fashion accessory.
Photo: Apple

Three new colors of Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds — a collaboration between Beats and celebrity Kim Kardashian — went on sale at Apple online Tuesday and promptly sold out. But now you can get them on Amazon, too.

The three new “neutral” colors are designed to blend in more than most earphones. Following Tuesday’s launch at Apple.com/Kim, they went on sale Wednesday at select Apple Stores and resellers.

Kim Kardashian spills unreleased Beats Fit Pro wireless headphones


Beats Fit Pro wireless headphones
Just days after they were leaked in iOS 15.1.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s upcoming Beats Fit Pro wireless headphones have been spilled by Kim Kardashian. The reality TV star was spotted wearing the unreleased buds, which are expected to debut next month, in paparazzi snaps published this week.

It’s not the first time celebrities have appeared wearing new Beats headphones before they’ve been officially unveiled by Apple. Beats Studio Buds were donned by LeBron James weeks before they made their debut back in June.

Kanye West gifted his wife Apple stock for Christmas


Kanye West was among the first people to get an Apple Watch Edition.
Photo: Justjared

Kanye West is an Apple fan. So what better Christmas gift for him to buy his wife, Kim Kardashian, than AAPL stock?

Kardashian shared her surprising story online, saying that West gifted her the shares, alongside some Apple headphones, and some stock from other select companies including Amazon, Disney, and Netflix. While she didn’t share the exact amount, considering that AAPL is up 47 percent in 2017, that’s a pretty great gift!

Forget breaking the Internet, Kim Kardashian broke the App Store


Kim Kardashian wants to takeover your keyboard.
The end is nigh.
Photo: Kimoji

Looking forward to Christmas? So am I — unless humanity ignominiously implodes en route to December 25.

What would lead me to raise that possibility? Oh, just the fact that not only did Kim Kardashian’s newly-launched emoji app immediately shoot to the top of the App Store charts, but its popularity even caused sweeping technical difficulties across Apple’s giant app repository.

We brought this on ourselves, didn’t we?

God help us, Kim Kardashian now has her own emoji


Kim Kardashian wants to takeover your keyboard.
Kim Kardashian wants to takeover your keyboard.
Photo: Kimoji

Ever been in texting conversation and found yourself completely unable to express yourself because there’s just not an emoji of Kim Kardashian’s breasts?

It’s unfortunate that society has come to this point, but if you answered ‘yes’ to the question above, there’s finally an app for that. Kim Kardashian now has an official emoji app — called Kimoji (get it?) — that brings more than 250 emoji and sticker designs to help you convey the deepest thoughts of your soul.

iOS 9.2 autocorrects ‘lardass’ to ‘Kardashian’


Photo: TMZ

Someone at Apple appears to be playing a joke on the Kardashians. Either that, or the neural net powering iOS 9’s typo suggestions has unlocked a new synonym.

All iPhones and iPads running iOS 9.2 now autocorrects the word ‘lardass’ to ‘Kardashian.’ News of the comic correction first started making waves yesterday when DJ Phoenix tweeted about the little ‘glitch’ that appears to make fun of Kardashian’s famously ample sized derrière.

I didn’t believe it at first, so I decided to check it out for myself and here’s what autocorrect suggested:

Kanye West gives Kim Kardashian the gift of Steve Jobs at surprise party


Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie is coming to Netflix
I'mma let you finish, but Steve Jobs was the greatest movie of all time!
Photo: François Duhamel/©2015 Universal Studios

Whether he’s giving Tim Cook unrequested business advice, inviting Steve Wozniak to see his newborn daughter, or talking about his admiration for Jony Ives (sic), Kanye West has proven himself to be a pretty unabashed Apple fan.

Which is why it’s probably no surprise that, when he took in on himself to organize a surprise party for wife Kim Kardashian’s 35th birthday, a special screening of Aaron Sorkin’s new Steve Jobs movie was top of the list.

13 hot new Super Bowl commercials getting their game on right now


Danny Trejo stars with recreated Brady bunch actors and sets in this hilarious ad for Snickers. Photo: Mars, Inc.
Danny Trejo stars with Brady Bunch actors and sets in this hilarious ad for Snickers. Photo: Mars

It used to be that you had to wait until Sunday to see the hot, out-of-this-world-expensive Super Bowl ads during the big game.

In our modern, always-connected age of sneak-peek overindulgence, you can actually skip the game itself and watch the ads on your own time, via YouTube and your sweet iPad or iPhone.

Here are 13 of the most hotly anticipated short films that you can preview right now, and spend your commercial time during the game making snacks and taking bathroom breaks.

Pictures from 2014 that got us talking


Police officers confronted a man protesting the shooting of a black teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Mo. (Whitney Curtis/for The New York Times)
Police officers confronted a man protesting the shooting of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Photo: Whitney Curtis/The New York Times

Photography’s impact on society doesn’t come down to single, striking images like it once did. Instead, the power today comes from conversations: What we talked about in 2014 often began with pictures and videos that were seen and shared over and over again.

It did not matter whether the images came from skilled photojournalists or witnesses with cellphones. Consider that Instagram alone churns out 70 million images a day. From that sea of imagery, a collective and comprehensive body of work emerged. We subconsciously curated those images based on our own experiences and attitudes — and maybe even grew a little in the process.