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Jaw-dropping videos showcase iPhone 6’s slo-mo skillz


Screengrab: Apple
With the iPhone 6, Apple fans are becoming slo-mo freaks. Screengrab: Cult of Mac

Mesmerizing slow-motion videos have flooded the Internet in the last few days, showcasing the kind of amazing footage you rarely see outside a movie theater or Blu-ray disc.

What opened the floodgates? The iPhone 6. The device’s camera and software allows for a mind-boggling 240 frames-per-second shooting rate, letting videographers of all abilities try their hands at slowing down the action and making an impact.

Slow motion has long been used in your favorite films to convey the intensity of a moment (think The Matrix or anything by John Woo), but this is the first time the average consumer has this kind of stunning tech in their hands.

With more than 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units sold already, we’ll undoubtedly get slammed with even more beautiful slow-motion videos in the weeks and months to come. Here are a bunch we’ve found that show off the startling capabilities of the iPhone 6 while also proving that, seriously, people will film anything.

Flap those lips, young bearded man. Flap them. I love how his eyes get larger in the middle of all that lip-flapping.

This card-shuffling demo is pretty cool (though we could do with a different soundtrack). The poster complains about the auto white balance of the camera, but admits that having 240 frames per second is insanely great.

Please don’t burn yourself if you try this one at home. Fire, though, seems like the perfect slo-mo test to me – it’s something we really don’t get to see every day.


This is how you jump rope, OK? It’s full-on extreme rope-jumping, for sure. We do wish they’d found some sort of music to cover up the eerie sounds of slowed-down video, but the visuals are spectacular.

Here’s a video that shows off not only the high resolution and frame capture of the iPhone 6’s camera, but a set of Moment add-on lenses as well. Simply beautiful.

Squirrels are notoriously fast, but this one was slowed down enough for us to catch the expression on his tiny, moose-loving face as he realizes the camera is coming right. at. him.

Sure, it’s just a couple of cool skateboard tricks (that I can’t do, so I’m not throwing any shade), but the high-def visuals and pro-level slow-mo really come together here.

When I’m not out grinding rails on my sweet longboard, I’m often at home pouring myself a delicious glass of red wine. Here’s what it would look like in slow motion, with some lush classical audio in the background for extra airs.

Seriously, there are way too many videos of animals out there — cats, squirrels, dogs, etc. — but the one above and the one below take the cake for floppy dog slo-mo.

Penny has floppy ears #slowmotion #iphone6plus

A video posted by Jon Burpee (@jonburpee) on

Taken by a buddy of mine in Anchorage, Alaska (the same dude who got his iPhone 6 before me in line downtown on launch day – the jerk), this dog video is all sorts of funky floppy. Go Penny!

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