Apple’s online store gets new Beats by Dre section



Apple added a new Beats by Dre section to its online store that makes it quicker than ever for shoppers to locate Tim Cook’s new favorite headphone brand among the mountain of iPhone and iPad accessories.

Since finalizing its acquisition of Beats on August 1st, Apple has moved sales of Dre’s infamous plastic cans from to exclusively.

The new Beats By Dre section can be found by choosing the Shop Accessories option from the main Apple Store page. The page is divided into four sub-sections for Beats by Dre headphones, in-earphones, portable speakers, and sound accessories, with Beats’ ridiculous Pill Dude getting prime exposure.

You can still shop for headphones on, but all pages redirect to their counterpart. Apple has sold Beats headphones online for years, but the dedicated section gives its own headphone brand a slight advantage over competition like Bose, who has already shown signs that it’s a little unhappy about the merger.