Apple silently raises iPad Pro prices


ipad pro
The iPad Pro is now a bit more expensive.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The iPhone isn’t the only Apple product lineup that got a lot more expensive this week.

While Apple fans were busy ogling at all the specs and prices on the new iPhone X and iPhones 8 after yesterday’s keynote, Apple made a quiet adjustment to the price tags on all of its iPad Pros but hasn’t publicly stated the reason for the increase.

Jet black iPhone 7 Plus is in stock at Apple stores — for now


jet black iphone 7 plus
The Jet Black iPhone will be a scratch-magnet.
Photo: Apple

Apple stores across the United States are suddenly flush with stock of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Finding the jet black iPhone 7 Plus at Apple retail outlets has been an impossible task ever since the device launched last month, but a site that monitors supply shows that tons of Apple stores just got the rare item in stock.