Bose sues Beats over noise-cancelling headphone patents



Beats just launched a legal assault against Chinese copy cats earlier this month, but it looks like the company just got hit with a legal bomb for copying another headphone maker itself.

Bose Corporation has filed a lawsuit against Beats for allegedly infringing on the company’s noise-canceling patents, according to CNBC’s Josh Lipton.

Beats is also facing another lawsuit from one of its former executives. David Hyman who founded the MOG music service that was the foundation of Beats Music, is suing the company for $20 million for allegedly being unfairly fired so Beats wouldn’t have to pay him his compensation package as promised. promised compensation.

Apple purchased Beats for $3 billion at the end of May in a deal that included the company’s headphone line and music streaming service. According to the filings, Bose says that Beats has infringed on 50 years’ worth of R&D the company has put into noise cancelling tech, and that the Beats Studio line infringes its patents.


  • Ron Hawkins

    shitty suing shitty, how droll!

  • spamthejabroni

    Bose is shitty? Based on what criteria other than being a bit overpriced?

  • cris0744

    Beats = shitty
    Bose = premiumly overpriced and far better than beats

  • DarthDisney

    Of course they did… totally ignored them till Apple bought them… nothing to see there.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    Just pay…. geez what’s with contesting?

    • Marc Hill

      If you roll over every time some sues all you do is invite every chancer with a tangentially linked patent to take a shot at you for easy money.

  • Jeremiah_Nilsson

    – Ok guys, Apple is buying betas.
    – ok, wait until its settled, then we sue! More money in Apple than beats. Call the lawyers

  • art hackett

    Why doesn’t apple just buy Bose as well with their couch change.