Chinese smugglers use drones to deliver iPhones


DJI Phantom 4
The smugglers used a DJI Phantom 4 to fly iPhones over the border.
Photo: DJI

Criminals in China have discovered a brilliant new use for drones: smuggling valuable iPhones.

Authorities in China arrested 26 suspects that were found using drones to smuggle $80 million worth of iPhones between Hong Kong and the mainland in what is reportedly the first case of drones being used in cross-border smuggling crimes in China.

Enter to win a killer DJI drone [Deals]


Enter to win one of two top shelf drones from DJI, the Phantom and the Mavic.
Enter to win one of two top shelf drones from DJI, the Phantom and the Mavic.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Drones are getting more and more common, but they haven’t become any less cool. Sitting at the sweet spot between affordability and awesomeness is DJI, makers of the uber popular Phantom and Mavic drones. You’ve seen them before, they’re the drones that look like they flew straight from the future. Now you can get one of these two drones, among the best money can buy, for no money. Enter to win a DJI Phantom 4 Pro or Mavic for free at Cult of Mac Deals.

Hands-on with AirPods and the best gadgets of 2016 on The CultCast


Affordable first drones and our favorite gadgets on The CultCast!
Affordable first drones and our favorite gadgets on The CultCast!
Photo: 3DR

This week on The CultCast: It’s our epic final episode of 2016! We’ll wrap up the year with our hands-on review of the hotness themselves, Apple’s AirPods. Then … is Apple’s “Golden Era” drawing to a close? We discuss. And finally, ya’ll know we review a lot of products during the year — we’ll reveal our absolute favorite gadgets of 2016!

Best List: Time to seriously upgrade your life



You know what I hate about Apple computers? The precious keyboards. They look lovely, with their sleek designs and tiny little keys, but they absolutely kill my wrists and fingers. That’s why I plug a grimy old Goldtouch keyboard ($129 list when they made ‘em) into the MacBook Air that I use for work. I even take the weird-looking A-frame keyboard with me when I travel. It’s not an elegant-looking solution, but it’s a lifesaver.

I’ve dealt with typing-related RSI for decades. While I use voice recognition when I have to write something lengthy, it’s not the perfect tool to accomplish every task in every situation. Sometimes I need to hammer away on a keyboard, and when I do, the Goldtouch makes the experience far less painful. It’s split down the center, with a ball joint that lets me adjust the angle between the two halves as well as the height at the center. And the soft-touch keys just feel good to me. — Lewis Wallace

P.S. I haven’t tried the updated Goldtouch V2 ($115) or the company’s Go!2 Bluetooth mobile keyboard, but when ol’ faithful finally gives up the ghost, that’ll be my move.

Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

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