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Map Street Addresses Right Inside Safari [OS X Tips]


Maps in Safari

When you want to look up a street address in Safari, you may still be using an old workflow: copy the address from the web page, paste it into the search bar, and then use Google Maps.

With OS X Mavericks, you might even have gone a step further and pasted the address into Apple’s Maps app, and then sending the directions to your iPhone.

There’s another way, though, which offers more immediate gratification: opening the address in Safari.

Launch Safari, and find the address you want to map. When you see the street address, click and drag across it to highlight the street, city, state, and zip. Now, right-click on that highlighted text. A little contextual menu will appear. Choose “Look Up…” from that menu.

Look Up In Safari

Safari’s built-in data detectors will then figure out that this is an address. They’ll then bring up a handy map right there in Safari.

The little pop-up window has buttons to open the address in Maps, a little map with a pin for the address location itself, and two buttons to add the address to your Contacts app, either as a new contact or as an addition to one you already have.

You can even click the Directions button to open Maps and get driving directions, instantly. Yes!

Now you have even less of an effort you need to make to figure out just where those places are.

Via: Here’s The Thing