This Incredible iWatch Concept Is Unapologetically Classy [Gallery]


(an iWatch concept design)
(an iWatch concept design)


We’ve seen so many iWatch concepts that at this point we really just wish would Apple to show their cards, but here’s a concept of a traditional wristwatch we wouldn’t mind them aping a few features from.

Gábor Balogh says he was tired of all the super geeky looking iWatch concepts, so he whipped up this clever beauty that features modern smartwatch features re imagined in a classic, traditional analog watch way.

Check it out:


The face of the watch has a pushable bezel for navigation and touch screen for interaction, allowing the contemporary face to subtly adjust to new tasks so that applications only appear when paired to your smartphone.


Balogh’s concept would feature health functions that Apple is rumored to be working on with the iWatch and the ability to read incoming messages, but you’ll have to bust out your iPhone to write a text as Siri isn’t included.


A stopwatch app is included in the features as well as small basic navigation.




Using the compass would feel more natural than on your smartphone and it can keep you updated on calendar events throughout the day.


Source: Gábor Balogh

  • E.V. Nestico

    I would actually wear this watch. If there is an iWatch or iBand I really hope it’s designed along the lines of this.

  • Patrick

    Thank you the other watches are way off base…. I would love something like this…

  • Ryan Condict

    If an actual Apple watch looked like this without a doubt I would say. “Shut up and take my money!” The only thing I would change is to take off what I am guessing is a dial with the numbers. You don’t really need that. Or have it as an option.

  • sykhairi

    LOVE THIS! Much more classy

  • johnnygoodface

    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

  • This is the best concept I’ve seen for a wrist computer. It’s definitely elegant and I can see the usefulness for many tasks that would normally make me take my iPhone out of my pocket. I like that it has the round face that gets away from the dorky square and rectangular designs that have been common in these iWatch mockups. Somehow, however, I have the idea that Apple is planning something different than just having mostly the same functionality as a tiny, round-screen iPhone. Just like most of the smartphone-using world, I’m waiting to be amazed yet again by Apple’s R&D and vision. It seems as if only Apple can come up with groundbreaking devices to make “the next big thing” come along. Once Apple shows how it should be done, everyone else jumps onto the idea and copies the heck out of it, all the time crowing about how Apple can’t innovate anymore.

  • walk0080

    Very nice indeed.

  • n900mixalot

    This isn’t an iWatch concept. It’s a smartwatch concept.