The iWatch Comes To Life In This Awesome Concept GIF




Over the past couple of months we’ve seen tons of concept designers dream up ideas of what Apple’s smartwatch might look like, but this concept iWatch GIF by Thomas Bogner is one of the best ideas we’ve seen yet.

Bogner admits his concept is “basically like the bastard child of a Fuel Band and an iPhone,” but we think it looks like it’d be easy to use and comfortable to wear while looking gorgeously hi-tech with those smooth transitions.

Tim Cook has sat on Nike’s board of directors since 2005, and it’s been rumored that Jony Ive’s design team studied Nike watches while working the iWatch. Maybe it’s not totally crazy to think Apple could borrow a few design cues from Nike, although the screen is really too narrow to be useful for emailing, texting, or anything really useful.

Source: Dribble

Via: Business Insider