MyShoeBox App, Another Great Cloud Photo Service



MyShoebox is yet another cloud photo storage service which syncs your pictures between all of your devices. It’s been around for a little longer than newcomer Loom, and also goes up against Everpix.

Like most of the other photo apps we’ve covered here, MyShoeBox is private (photos are only available to you by default) and works on multiple platforms. In this case there are “native” apps for the iPhone and iPad, the Mac, Android and even Windows (remember that?). I say “native” because while the Mac app comes with an installer (remember those?) and has an icon in the dock, it’s almost certainly little more than a native wrapper for a web view. Not that this really matters.

MyShoeBox has a several things which distinguish it from the competition. Unlike Loom, it will let you store an unlimited amount of photos free, but you can only view them at screen resolution (full-res access comes with the paid plan). Like Loom, but unlike Everpix, you can create galleries on your devices.

But it’s the viewing options which have me really intrigued (I can’t test them yet as my initial upload is still running – I have a lot of photos). You can browse photos “based on locations, camera, time of day, season, and many more,” says the blurb.

Viewing is the one thing that really needs fixing. Editing is already more than taken care of on iOS and the Mac, and now that Dropbox, Everpix, Photo Stream and so on exist it’s easy enough to put all of our photos in one place. But viewing them is still a pain, and one which services like MyShoeBox are trying to fix.

One of my favorite features in Everpix is the Flashback, which shows me the photos I took on this day in history. My digital photos go back roughly 10 years, so this is always a treat – especially as these pictures come as an e-mail and/or as an alert on my iPad. MyShoeBox has something called Timeline which sounds similar.

I’ll let you know how this goes (as well as an update on Loom, now that the nice folks over there hooked me up with a beta account). If you like, I can do a post comparing all the options. Let me know – and also let me know about any other Everpix-like services I may have missed.

Source: MyShoeBox
Thanks: Steve!

  • 4bryan

    Well certainly, what about ThisLife? Is SnapJoy still around?

  • imsathya

    I have tried MyShoebox. I like the concept of the app a lot and it is definitely one of the more unique photos-on-the-cloud services. But “native app” matters a lot. Because the Mac app (and probably the Windows app) is a web wrapper, it is unable to make photo backup convenient like Loom. I have to go repeatedly to add new folders and trigger sync. Loom has a native Mac app which detects folder changes automatically and synchronizes- ala Dropbox.

    As you rightly mentioned, what gives MyShoebox immense appeal is their views. They provide intriguing views – such as photos grouped by cameras, days of week, season etc. I rediscovered a lot of old memories that had slipped my mind. But my big gripe is that the views are not extensible. I cannot define my own views. Support for tags and ability to create tags from them would be a huge benefit. The support team say it is on their road-map and I hope it happens soon. This limitation – and the lack of a native app for Mac- is what dissuades me from embracing MyShoebox as my photo backup solution.