Apple’s iWatch Could Face Competition From Dell



Apple is expected to launch a new smartwatch called the “iWatch” as early as this fall, and we already know that it could face competition from Samsung, Google, Microsoft, and LG. But there’s another competitor that may want a piece of the pie: Dell.

Dell’s global VP of personal computing, Sam Burd, has revealed to The Guardian that the company is “exploring” the idea of “wearable computing” in an effort to keep its PC business alive.

“The piece that’s interesting is that computers are getting smaller. Having a watch on your wrist – that’s pretty interesting, pretty appealing,” Burd said. He admitted, however, that there are challenges in cost, and how to make “a really good experience.”

Burd expects smartwatches and other wearable tech to be huge in the years ahead, but he doesn’t think anything will disrupt the computing industry like the iPad has.

“I don’t see any magic new form factor like the iPad – I don’t think anybody saw how that was going to change devices. But the number of [computing] devices per person is exploding.”

Dell hasn’t announced a smartwatch yet, and it’s likely to be a long time before it does so. But it could be another competitor that Apple will need to watch out for. Not that Apple usually worries too much about what its rivals are doing.

Via: Business Insider

  • Robert X

    Oh boy! Dell! Let me curb my enthusiasm.

  • Market_Mayhem

    Huh! Dell is in a life and death struggle over saving his company. I don’t think he has much time to think about competing with Apple over some low-revenue stream smartwatch. Dell better focus on some worthwhile projects. Google and Apple can afford to waste money over hit or miss products, but Dell needs to be spot on as to where its product strategy needs to go.