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Microsoft’s Head Of Windows Phone Says Apple Lacks Sense Of Urgency


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If you can’t beat ’em, talk trash.

That’s seems to be the popular sentiment among technologies most powerful companies, and Microsoft’s head executive for Windows Phone has been all too happy to do a little ribbing on Apple and Android lately.

At the All Things D conference yesterday, Terry Myerson,  took to the stage to talk about the future of Windows Phone, but he also took a few shots at Apple and Google during the interview and said that iOS is “boring.”

“With Apple, I sense a lack of urgency. When iOS 5 came out and there was a fifth row of icons and not much else, you say, okay, are they running out of steam, is iOS getting boring?”

“With Android … it’s kind of a mess,” Myerson said. “Chrome [OS] and Android coming together, Chrome [OS] does not offer the flexibility of Android.”

Myerson was also asked for his opinion on Facebook Home and whether Microsoft will try to get it on their devices, but Myerson dodged the question. Microsoft invested in Facebook before its IPO but has seen the company slowly morph into a competitor of theirs.

As for his acquisitions against iOS, well that comes down to personal preference  However, it seems that the millions of iPhone 5 owners disagree with Myerson’s statements. If Myerson is hoping for something exciting from Apple, he might want to keep an eye out for iOS 7. The latest rumors claim that iOS 7 will undergo a serious UI overhaul thanks to Jony Ive.

Source: ComputerWorld