WWDC Ticket Alert Service Will Call You Once Apple Starts Selling Tickets



WWDC 2012 sold out in under two hours last year. It was insane. A lot of people on the West Coast didn’t even get a chance to buy a ticket because Apple announced tickets were available at 5am.

Everyone who’s really wanting to go to WWDC this year is probably looking for the best method to alert them on tickets, so Oisin Prendiville has created a service that will call you as soon as tickets are available.

Oisin created a script that frequently checks Apple’s website and once WWDC 2013 is announced, the script will automatically call his iPhone so he can wake up and grab a ticket before they’re all gone. He’s even willing to add your phone number to the queue if you pay him €1.

If you want to get to the front of the queue you just have to pay more. There are no guarantees that Oisin’s script will actually work when tickets are announced though, so trust it at your own risk. WWDC Alerts had a similar, free service last year, but it got buggered before the tickets were sold out. If you’re really hankering for tickets though, you can always just wake up at 5AM everyday for the next couple weeks.


Source: Oisin Prendiville

Via: MacTrast