Ex-CEO John Sculley: Apple’s Lull In Innovation Has Nothing To Do With Apple At All



During his tenure as CEO of Apple, John Sculley saw the company suffer through a serious lack of innovation that nearly sunk the company, before Jobs came back and rescued it.

In an interview earlier this month, Sculley said he thinks Apple is experiencing a “lull in innovation.” To clarify his stance, Sculley just gave another interview and said that even though Apple’s experiencing a lull, it’s not really its own fault.

Speaking with Huffington Post, the former Apple CEO had the following to say about Apple’s perceived innovation problem:

“I don’t think that it’s because Apple has lost its ability to innovate. My guess is that it has nothing to do with Apple at all, but with the current stage of technology.

Moore’s law has been completely predictable for 40 years. You really need about a generation between each of [the] big innovations and the big innovation we’re going through now is all about cloud computing. You can only surf the big wave when there are big waves, and there are moments when technology is poised for innovators to come in and do something spectacular, and then there are other moments when you just have to play out an opportunity and wait for next big wave to come along.”

So what’s the next wave going to be? According to Sculley it will be mobile video. You can now shoot and stream high quality video on the go, and Sculley thinks we’re just in the early days of that. He also thinks wearable sensors are going to be huge, which is kind of like a “duh!” statement.

One thing Sculley’s not big on – Smart TVs. In the interview he says that Apple TV is pretty good right now, and the next wave of innovation won’t be focused around the TV. But don’t get all down in the dumps, Sculley says that if anyone can spot the next big alignment of stars, it’s going to be Jony Ive, so Apple’s totally safe.


Source: Huffington Post