Mastering Evernote: Share Notes Via Email or URL [OS X Tips]


Share Note Evernote

I use Evernote for almost everything these days, including clipping websites to research these daily OS X Tips, writing grocery lists on my Mac and then using my iPhone at the store, and scanning important printed documents to organize digitally.

Did you know, however, that Evernote will also allow you to share notes? It’s fairly easy, and here’s how.

When you’ve written your note in Evernote, tagged it, and organized it into the proper notebook, you’re ready to share it.

To email your note to a collaborator, right click on the note, either with a two button mouse, or by using a two finger click on your trackpad, or Control-Click. A contextual menu will pop up. Hover over the Share menu item, and then select Email Note… If this is the first time you’ve done this, Evernote will ask for permission to access your Contacts. Give it the OK.

Then, a little email window will show up in Evernote, letting you fill in the To field. The Subject line will auto fill with the name of your note, and then you can leave a little note in the email body section, and click on the “CC me on this message” option if you want a copy of the email. Hit Send, and you’re good to go.

If you just want to link someone to the note, choose “Copy Share URL to Clipboard” from the Share contextual menu as above. Evernote will head online, create a unique URL for the note, and copy it to your clipboard, letting you send that link to collaborators via iMessage, IM, or email. You can also include it in a web page, if you roll that way.

Via: Michael Hyatt