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Unbound Photo Browser For Mac Will Support Leap Motion



Remember Unbound? I called the iOS app “the best dropbox browser I have ever used,” and it’s still up there in the top two (the other is the excellent Heliog). Now — or at least soon — Unbound will be coming to the Mac. What’s more, it’ll be compatible with the neat little Leap Motion box that lets you control your Mac with wavy hand gestures.

The Leap is the motion-detecting dongle which lets you talk to your Mac via hand movements. Unbound will be a desktop version of the iOS photo browsing app, which uses swipes and pinches to show your Dropbox photos, just like the iOS Photos app.

The developer, Pixite Apps, hasn’t given me any extra info over what’s in the video above, but you can clearly see that it works.

It also show the problems in using a touch/gesture-based input model for a computer. My poor arm feels tired just looking at the clip.

As I never tire of reminding you, I work on an iPad, but that may be coming to an end. It’s a perfect work machine for writers, but not so much for editors. While I can tap away at the keyboard for hours, and equally happily drop the iPad in my lap and edit photos for hours, the typing-and-editing dance required by writing for Cult of Mac means I’m constantly reaching up to switch apps, or to place a cursor, or just to trigger the spelling correction popover on the current word. And – as those of you who plot the length of my posts on a graph will have noticed this week – my right arm is killing me, and I have had to write faster and simpler this last week.

So I’m against the Leap. It’ll be great for games, and for controlling music and the like, but for extended work it’ll be as useless as the iPad is for batch-processing RAW photos.

I’m excited for Unbound on the Mac, though. I put all my photos in Dropbox these days, and having a native Mac browser will be fantastic.

Source: Pixite Apps