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Hate Gorilla Arm? The Saidoka Is The Most Useable iPhone Dock Yet [Review]



An iPhone dock is a pleasant thing to have on one’s desk. It keeps things nice and tidy, while making it easy to holster your iPhone and juice it up without mucking around with wires.

Saidoka by BlueLounge
Category: iPhone Dock
Works With: iPhone 4, 4S, 5
Price: $29.99-$49.99

There is one way in which tethering your iPhone via cable directly to your computer is superior, though. It’s easier to actually use your iPhone that way instead of gorilla-arming it.

That’s the brilliance of the Saidoka: it’s an iPhone dock that lets you easily tap our text messages, answer calls, and even play games, all while your iPhone is charging and syncing.

This Nutty iPhone & Mac UI Concept Wants To Replace iCloud With Gorilla Arm Syndrome [Video]




Transferring files from your Mac to your iPhone is supposed to be an easy process thanks to iCloud, but sometimes the lack of a physical connection between your devices can make the process feel daunting. Or that’s what Ishac Bertran thinks, anyway. He’s come up with a neat concept idea that is simple and clever for tranferring photos, webpages, music, etc., to your iPhone or iPad, even if it’s not what users really need anymore. Ishac claims,

Our devices are well connected virtually, through services like DropBox or iCloud. Those offer wireless synchronization for data, but the devices that contain this data still miss a tangible connection. I thought that a representation of a physical connection would facilitate a more intuitive interaction based on traditional mental models from the physical world.

Here’s a video of Bertran’s concept in action: