Stream, Download, and Share Media Files From Your Mac To iOS With QuikIO



Ever wanted to view your videos, pictures, or documents from your Mac without having to put them on Dropbox or Google Drive? If you know you need specific files from your Mac desktop at home, you’d probably just use one of those cloud services. But what happens when you get to work and need a file you forgot about, or a family member’s house and want to show off some photos or video from home?

That’s where QuikIO comes in.

QuikIO lets you send media files, including video, photos, and documents from a Mac (or PC) to an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone. All you need to do is to download and install a free QuikIO app to your iOS device and Mac, and then sign in to the service via Facebook or with an email address. Once that’s done, then you can look at any media file from your internet-connected Mac on your iPad or iPhone. It’s a direct connection through the QuikIO service, so there are no long upload times or storage limits: it’s all on your Mac, and sent through QuikIO.

QuikIO introduces the best technology available to stream, download and share media content featuring:
• Highest quality video available — minimizing video transcoding
• Best CPU utilization — using the GPU to significantly reduce the CPU load
• Seamless remote access — media traffic is efficiently and securely routed in a peer-to-peer network similar to Skype
• Easy-to-use user interface — Just press and play with all media content displayed in gallery view
• QuikSend or Download any video – QuikIO video sharing or downloading is a single step process that is simple, fast and easy
• Apple TV — Just press Apple TV icon from your iPhone or iPad to stream video to the big screen

The developers also promise an update to the app, allowing direct streaming from your Mac to your Apple TV, to be released at CES in January. We’ll let you know when that happens.