This Camera Flash Ditches The AAs For A Powerful 12-Volt Li-Ion Battery


Here’s a neat take on the small pocket strobe or flash. Instead of forcing you to buy and manage the charging of a ton of AA batteries to use it, the Neewer TT850 is a hot-shoe strobe that uses a 12-volt li-ion battery. This not only makes charging easier, but also means you get a lot more pops per second thanks to the fact that the battery can dump 12V instead the flash instead of the paltry 6V that 4xAAs can manage.

RoundFlash — One Ring Flash To Beat Them All



Ringflash: You love the harsh-yet-even light, and the donut-shaped highlights it throws into the subject’s eyes. You love that you can make magazine-style photos with a single, on camera flash. But you hate the bulky plastic adapter you have to carry around to make it all happen.

What you need, my creative-yet-lazy friend, is the RoundFlash. It’s a flash that’s round.

The Light Blaster Projects Slides Into Your Photos Using Your Own Flash And Lenses



Just five short years ago I interviewed the magnificently-bearded Julius von Bismarck about his Image Fulgurator, a modified 35mm film SLR which would project an image onto whatever it was pointed at using a powerful flashgun. The gimmick was that the device was triggered by the flashes of innocent tourist sheep as they flocked to famous monuments and snapped point-and-shoot pictures.

Invisible to the human eye, Julius’s various pictures and messages would be marked indelibly onto the pixels of these tourist photos. The fact that the Fulgurator looked like a gun just made the whole thing cooler.

Now, there’s a version you can buy. It comes from the folks at DIY Photography, and it’s called the Light Blaster.

Spider Monkey Utility Belt Hooks Turn You Into A Photographic Batman [Review]


There's some irony that the object now stuck to my Spider Monkey -- forever -- is a clock.
There's some irony that the object now stuck to my Spider Monkey -- forever -- is a clock.
Spider Monkey by Spider Holster
Category: Camera Gear
Works With: Anything
Price: $17

I was going to ditch the standard review format for this post and instead make a gallery of different objects hung on my belt Using the neat little Spider Monkey accessory holster.

That was until I discovered that the adhesive tab that helps hold the Monkey’s Tab onto the target accessory is not reusable. Well, that might not be strictly true. It might well be reusable, but I will never find out because it is almost certainly unremovable.

DIY iPhone LED Ring-Light For Under $10



Just a few weeks back we brought you the then-cheap $100 ring-light for the iPhone, a cheap way to shoot flat fashion photos and videos with your favorite camera. Now, though, you can achieve the same thing for just $10.

Bonus: It’s a DIY project, so you have a great excuse to ignore your family this Christmas.

LED Ringlight For High-Fashion iPhoneography


Ring flash — once the preserve of high-end (or deep-pocketed) fashion photographers and macro nerds with real, like, cameras — now in reach of us plebs with cameraphones. The LED Ringlight from Adorama is a dim-able, continuous light source that can now be used for video and non-synced camera lighting, and it costs just $100.

Why bother? Read on:

Use A Business Card To Add Color To Your iPhone’s Flash



Here’s an incredibly neat little hack for making your iPhone’s flash suck less, and it’s marred only by the photo used to illustrate it, which features some kind of Android “phone.”

If you ever wondered how you might use colored gels on your iPhone’s flash, read on. Or just look at the picture — it’s pretty self explanatory (once you get over the inexplicable purchase of an Android handset anyway).