Peter Molyneux’s 22cans Announces Mac Version of Kickstarter game, GODUS


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Calling GODUS “a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux,” the game’s Kickstarter page has some new details on the project, the second from Curiosity’s 22cans games studio. With nine days left to go and about half of its funding goal met, Project GODUS just may be worth a look. Originally set to release on iOS, Android, and PC, the game will also be available on the Mac platform: welcome news indeed for those of us firmly in the Mac camp of gaming.

At this point, there are 8,949 Kickstarter backers pledging their support, with £252,758 (about $407,331) pledged of the £450,000 (about $725,000) funding goal. There are nine days left, as the campaign ends up on Friday, December 21.

The studio also just released a new video update, where audio designer Jack Attridge and Sir Peter Molyneux himself look at the design, development, and programming of the potential game.

The studio says that GODUS will be a “reinvention” of Populous, Molyneux’s award-winning god-game, originally released in 1989. GODUS promises co-op gameplay, competition, creation and destruction in the Populous mode.

The dream at 22cans is to make gaming meaningful. We want to engage people in fresh new ways with accessible, delightful games and experiences. We’re calling them experiments. Curiosity – what’s inside the cube was the first of these and we’re taking what we’ve learnt from it and applying it to future projects such as our next step – GODUS.

The project hopes to release an updated video with game footage soon, possibly before the end of the week.

Source: Kickstarter
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