Peter Molyneux brings his earth-shattering god game to iOS



Godus, the much-anticipated video game from god-game specialist designer Peter Molyneux and 22cans, is available now for iOS devices. Godus will let you play as your own private deity, letting you create and nurture a little island paradise on your iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone.

You’ll get to carve out landscapes with the touch of a finger, placing mountains, rivers, and flora wherever you like. You’ll also have the care and feeding of devout, worshipful followers of your very own.

“In Godus your hands will sculpt the mountains and carve rivers,” said Molyneux in a statement. “Your touch will create pastures for your people. You will be loved by tiny worshipers that need your help to grow and your direction to progress through the ages of civilization.”

Why Gaming Legend Peter Molyneux Thinks You’ll Be A Kinder, Gentler God


Your own private village.

Note: This article previously appeared in Cult of Mac Magazine, available in the App Store.

Godus is the upcoming game from god-game specialist designer Peter Molyneux. The game will play on Mac and iOS seamlessly, letting you create and nurture your own little island paradise on one platform and then watch it develop on the other.

“We want to reinvent the genre of god-games,” Molyneux told Cult of Mac from his vantage point in a suite at the swanky Intercontinental Hotel.

Cult of Mac Magazine: How To Make The Next Flappy Birds


Cover design: Lucy Chen.
Cover design: Lucy Chen.

This week, our intrepid Games Editor Rob LeFebvre brings readers of Cult of Mac Magazine all the news from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

There were dueling VR 3D headsets, discussions about sexism in the games industry, contests, awards and plenty of action on the show floor.

But the million-dollar question this year was: How do I make the next Flappy Birds?

Rob takes you on his quest to find the elusive dev of the indie breakout hit and also talks to luminaries in the field like Peter Molyneux about what makes a hit game. Devs share what mistakes they made on the way to “instant” success” in the iTunes store and the folks with the stats drop the numbers on what the hottest trends are in the gaming world. Rob also wants you to know that he also made himself thumbsore trying out games you’ll be able to play in a few months and highlights the best of them.

The mag also features the best in gadgets, apps, movies, books and music from the Appleverse, too.

And this week’s cover is the brainchild of designer — and, we’re proud to say, Cult of Mac fan — Lucy Chen.

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Hate EA’s Dungeon Keeper? Download The Real Thing For Free


Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 11.19.07 AM

Electronic Art’s recently released update of Peter Molyneux’s Dungeon Keeper has garnered a lot of criticism for its shameless destruction of the gameplay of a strategy classic. But hey, why play that cynical piece of freemium crap when you can play the original for free?

For the next 24 hours, is having a great promotion capitalizing upon the nigh-universal hatred for the Dungeon Keeper iOS remake. Just go to their site and sign up for an account to download the original classic Dungeon Keeper game for your Mac for free. Although seventeen years old, the original game still holds up, and runs just great on modern Macs. If you want to know why people are so honked off about the new version, look no further.


Dungeon Keeper Really Wants To Reclaim Its Former Glory [Review]


You tap on floating icons to interact with rooms or harvest resources.
You tap on floating icons to interact with rooms or harvest resources.

Dungeon Keeper on iOS is a free-to-play re-imagining of the classic Bullfrog Productions/Peter Molyneux PC game from the late ’90s. I really loved old school Dungeon Keeper as a kid, and it is one of the few tower defense/strategy titles I’ve ever enjoyed. So, no pressure on this iOS version, right?

Dungeon Keeper by Electronic Arts
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

Unfortunately, the mobile version of Dungeon Keeper suffers from very predictable free-to-play problems. Expanding your dungeon was never totally carefree in previous version of the game, but as your imps work to clear out 3×3 or 4×4 spaces for new rooms, they’ll quickly plow through soft rock which takes a matter of seconds but suddenly run up against walls that can take an entire day to knock down! So the breakdown is a few seconds, four hours, or 24 hours. That’s not well balanced at start.

Peter Molyneux’s 22cans Announces Mac Version of Kickstarter game, GODUS


Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 7.46.47 PM

Calling GODUS “a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux,” the game’s Kickstarter page has some new details on the project, the second from Curiosity’s 22cans games studio. With nine days left to go and about half of its funding goal met, Project GODUS just may be worth a look. Originally set to release on iOS, Android, and PC, the game will also be available on the Mac platform: welcome news indeed for those of us firmly in the Mac camp of gaming.

Curiosity: Buggy As Hell, But Still Strangely Captivating [Review]


My God. It's full of cubes.
My God. It's full of cubes.

This is Curiosity, a free iOS game from British gaming icon Peter Molyneux. The idea is that all of us – everyone playing the game – work together to peel off layers of cubelets that make up the larger revolving cube. At the center, a surprise (and a prize) awaits the person lucky enough, and determined enough, to tap on it at the end.

Only two people in the whole world know what’s at the center. Do you care what it is? Do you care enough to spend hours tapping on your iDevice to find out? No, really: hours.