You Can Now Cleanse Your Internet Experience Of Ads With This Small White Box



Advertisements are a vital part of what makes the Internet tick. Even though a lot of them are annoying and intrusive and ugly as hell, they provide websites (like us) with the cash flow needed to give you all the infotainment you can eat for free.

Sometimes those ads are just freaking horrific, and solutions like AdBlock make the web a better, more visually appealing place. Now you can get the hardware equivalent of ad-blocking software in a super portable box called AdTrap. 

If you just really loathe advertisements of all shapes and sizes, you can support the AdTrap Kickstarter fundraiser. AdTrap is an open-source device that blocks ads for all of your devices – even your iPad and iPhone. You just plug it into your cable modem and it magically strips your web experience of ads.

AdTrap isn’t all about death and destruction of the internet though. It also has a feature where you can select which websites you want to allow to show you advertisments. So if you do decide to spend the $99 for an AdTrap, make sure you add Cult of Mac to that list. Pretty please. Leander’s got kids to feed.


Source: Kickstarter

Via: Technabob