Atari’s iOS Version Of Outlaw Gets Quite A Facelift 36 Years Later


Can you spot the newer version?
Can you spot the newer version?

Atari’s released a remake of its 1978 home console classic, Outlaw, which actually saw first life as a light gun game in arcades as early as 1976. Well, Flying Wisdom Studios has developed a new version for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that looks a whole lot better than the original.

Released just last week, the new iOS version of Outlaw eschews the “pong-with-cowboys” style of gaming for a new art style that actually looks like, well, art. It’s still a 2D affair, with various denizens of the wild west sliding across the screen in a virtual shooting gallery.

Your job, should you choose to download the free-to-play universal game, playable on iPhone and iPad of all stripe, is to aim with your left thumb and tap the shoot button with your right. Shoot them old timers and young bucks enough times to put ’em down for good, and you’ll gain coin to upgrade your weapons to take on ever more difficult opponents.

The artwork is pretty, and the controls are responsive, in this reboot of the classic franchise, plus the game is free to download. Of course, you can buy more virtual coin to upgrade your weapons faster, allowing you to get farther in the game by spending real cash. Woo!

There’s a bonus for logging into the game each day, and Facebook/Twitter integration for easy bragging. It’s free, so you might want to check it out, whether you have a nostalgia about the original game or just feel like playing a casual shooting gallery game for a while.

•Wild West locations from the High Sierra to Fort Beaver!
•Get free ammo and bonuses each day you play!
•Collect a variety of cool weapons from Buzz Sawyers to Tesla guns that shoot lightning bolts to improve your chances against old prospectors!
•Upgrade your weapons to increase power, accuracy, fire rate and more!
•Shake the screen to quickly reload your gun!
•Game Center integration to show off your skills with achievements and leaderboards

Source: iTunes App Store